Monday, February 28, 2005


Monday Madness-Bertie Backers

On Saturday I reported on the poll in the Irish Independent which showed strong support for the Taoiseach as well as the Government and Fianna Fail.
Fianna Fail's popularity stood at 42% - up 5 points,Government satisfaction stood at 51% - up 6 points,and Bertie Ahern's popularity stood at 61% - up 6 points.
I would like to ask the people who participated in this poll a question - Are you idiots?!

The prospect of many more years of Fianna Fail in power,led by bumbling Bertie,fills me with dread.This man can't keep a promise.Anyone remember the Bertie Bowl?Hey,where's that then?How about Ahern's pledge that he would not release Garda McCabe's killers?He then seemed to contemplate doing just that.Now he says he won't release them.Can we believe him?
There is also a health crisis in this country and the Government has done little to alleviate the problem.We also mustn't forget the numerous scandals that have plagued Ahern's corrupt party.

It is time for a change.A Fine Gael/Labour coalition is a far better option for this country.It is time for all the Bertie backers to realise that Fianna Fail are a joke and that Ahern is one of the worst leaders this country has ever had.It's time for something different,you fools!


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