Sunday, February 20, 2005


Ahern's Hollow Warning

The Minister for Foreign Affairs,Dermot Ahern,has said robbery and money-laundering are not what people voted for in the Good Friday Agreement.
He has warned Sinn Fein to make a dramatic turnaround,saying it must act explicitly to end criminality in the Provisional IRA.

Minister Ahern says recent events "demonstrate beyond the slightest doubt that",that the Government was correct in its judgment of the IRA.

The language of the Government indicates to me that Sinn Fein are going to yet again get away with their criminality scot-free. Does the Minister really think Sinn Fein give a damn what the Irish Government think?It is quite clear that they don't even acknowledge the Government as the true legitimate government of the Irish people.The harassment of those nationalists who witnesed the murder of Robert McCartney also proves that they have no problem in using intimidation on their own people.
Justice Minister Michael McDowell has recently labelled Sinn Fein a "colossal crime machine", so why are they being given the benefit of doubt one more time?They've had too many chances.


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