Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Three Steps Towards Irish Unity

1.Fianna Fail/SDLP Merger: Sinn Fein stand in the way of Irish reunification and they must be made to play second fiddle once more to the SDLP.In order for this to happen,the SDLP needs to align itself with Fianna Fail and this will,I believe,harm Sinn Fein in the Republic also.

2.Unity with the Border;Unity Without the Border: An Irish Government must then go about taking steps to make Ireland north and south as indivisible as possible.A good start would be the proposals that I outlined here.This paves the way for Irish unity.

3.Referenda-North and South: Decades on,the policy of unity with the border before unity without the border will have proved successful and ultimately the border will simply slip away as the people,north and south,embrace reunification.
The Troubles are over.Ireland is not won.It is simply-one.


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