Thursday, February 10, 2005


My Predictions-Analysis

Well three out of four was pretty good and I was spot-on about the Welsh scoreline!

Ireland were fantastic against the Portuguese and Duff was great as usual.This win was fantastic and Brian Kerr knows the proper way to use friendlies!I said 2-1 and it was 1-0.

Dear oh dear!NI got beaten at home(as I said)by Canada even though the Canadians had 10 men!Lawrie Sanchez has yet to win a home game.(I believe Ireland are unbeaten in 15 at home)
I said 2-0 to Canada but it was 1-0.

England did not get beaten by the Dutch but I'm sure they'll take a beating from their media.From the comments of the pundits in the Match of the Day studio,it seems it was a diabolical match!England are overrated anyway.I said 2-1 to Holland but it was 0-0.

Wales beat Hungary 2-0.I was spot-on with this prediction and the Welsh got a good victory.

Ireland's performance was the best of the lot,though!


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