Friday, February 11, 2005


Blogs-About Ego?

Over at The Blog and I,Caoimhe touches on a question raised originally at the LoopDiLoop blog,and since alot of visitors to this blog are fellow bloggers,you may find the question interesting and it is this:

'Just how much is your own blog about ego'?

Well I think blogs are an extension of a person's ego.We all want our blogs to be popular,don't we?I think if you have a blog you have to be pretty secure in your opinions since,if you're offering up opinions on a regular basis,you're leaving yourself open to criticism and potentially ridicule!I think my ego kicked in a couple of weeks back as I ended up forgetting the fun aspects of blogging as I tried to get as much visitors to United Irelander as possible.As a result,blogging became like a chore and I gave it up temporarily.
Ultimately,I think it's important to be realistic and keep your ego in check when running a blog!

In summary,I'd like to say my ego is fine but I would like to take this time to offer out the United Irelander Outstanding Journalist Award!
And the winner is-Young Irelander!
My speech?Well this is such an honour!There was tough competition(well,not really)but I feel I am certainly deserving.

Here's to me!


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