Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Blogs

As I pondered on what to do for this week's edition of Top Ten Tuesday I thought to myself,what better thing to do than to irritate and annoy those I'm friendliest with in the blogosphere by arranging their blogs in order of preference!I give you my opinion of the top ten blogs! So without further ado:

1.A Tangled Web
2.Slugger O'Toole
3.Gerry O'Sullivan's Blog
4.NI Magyar
5.Internet Commentator
6.Neither Indifferent Nor Sceptical
7.Back Seat Drivers
8.Gavin's Blog
9.Irish Eagle
10.Richard Delevan's sicNotes

I'll give a brief summary of the reasons for my choices.
A Tangled Web is first because I frequent it more than any other blog and I find it offers the best form of debate .
Slugger O'Toole is second because as much as I enjoy the place,and I still visit,I feel it is let down by contributors who aren't willing to think for themselves.
Gerry O'Sullivan's blog is third because I like his writing style,especially one of his posts about Newgrange a couple of months back.
NI Magyar is fourth due to his impressive writing and thought out posts.I also enjoy the presentation.
Internet Commentator is fifth as I have had some interesting debates with Frank on matters ranging from football to philosophy.
Ciaran's blog,
Neither Indifferent Nor Sceptical,is sixth and is somewhere I regularly visit and you're guaranteed to hear some interesting opinions from a very learned guy.
Back Seat Drivers is somewhere I've visited lately and I only recently noticed they gave my blog a link so I've returned the favour!
The other three,Gavin's Blog,Irish Eagle and Richard Delevan's sicNotes are likewise sites I've only recently noticed but I am impressed with the opinions offered up by each site and they have become places I look into regularly.
I have since put up links to those three sites.

So those are my choices.Feel free to air your views on them and if you feel there are other blogs I should take a look at,recommend a couple for me.


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