Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Irish Things

It's a good thing to be patriotic about one's country.I love Ireland and I love being Irish and I will now list what I believe to be the top ten things about Irishness.So without further ado:

1.Our history - After everyting we've been through,we survived.
2.Our culture - It is unique and world-renowned.
3.Contribution to the world - We've had figures who made a big impact.
4.Proud of our people - We like to see our people do well,at home and abroad
5.Influence on other nations - America,Australia,Britain,Canada,etc.
6.Friendly people - For the most part,we're a friendly and humorous sort
7.Irish scenery - We are home to some truly beautiful scenery
8.Our colours - Our national colours are beautiful and impressive
9.St.Patrick's Day - Celebrated all over the world
10.Dublin - Ireland is home to the greatest city on earth!

So those are my choices.Feel free to comment on them or to offer your own opinions.


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