Friday, February 18, 2005


Bigots Won't Be Marching After All...

I am delighted to hear that the Orange Order will not be taking up an invitation to participate in Cork's St.Patrick's Day Parade this year.
Members of the order who had planned to make the trip to Cork along with their families have said they fear for their safety if they parade through the streets of Cork.

The order blamed Sinn Fein for mounting a "vociferous and misleading" campaign in relation to the proposed visit.

It was disgraceful that an invitation was extended to this cult of hate in the first place.The very idea that such xenophobic,bigoted individuals would be allowed to march down a street in the Irish Republic after everything these thugs have put northern nationalists through in the past,was absolutely outrageous.
The Orange Order is a despicable organisation.Disband it!


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