Wednesday, February 09, 2005


'What If'?Wednesday-UI Football Team

Tonight the Ireland team takes on the mighty Portuguese at Lansdowne Road.The team from the north play the Canadians.Hmm...

While Ireland are playing the best teams the world has to offer as well as sitting nicely on top of its group(which includes Les Bleus),NI are playing an average team,and a good result to NI fans would be to get a draw and if they're really lucky...a goal too!It's sad that the NI team,which has the honour of representing this island,is embarrassing itself and Irish people throughout the island!

What if we had a UI football team?Think of the benefits!The island would be united as we would be a strong team and capable of success.We would be able to build a strong team for the future also.Most importantly the fans in the north would see a team that goes into a game expecting to win!I believe I'm right in saying that George Best himself is an advocate for a UI team.Surely his opinions have to be respected?

A United Ireland team is the way to go.The NI team is an embarrassment and it is not really improving despite what some optimistic NI fans think.Unite the teams!


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