Saturday, February 19, 2005


The Rallying Cry of the Weasel

I see that Sinn Fein is organising a series of rallies across the North to oppose what the party has described as attempts to criminalise it.
This afternoon,thousands of letters from SF president Gerry Adams were circulated in nationalist areas of Belfast and elsewhere inviting people to the rallies.

In the letters it is claimed that opponents of Sinn Fein are seeking to roll back republican advances.

The Belfast rally on Monday night will be held at a city centre hotel and will be addressed by Martin McGuinness.

Stunts like this make me sick to my stomach and shame on those nationalists who turn up to these rallies.The Sinn Fein leadership have been involved in the Northern Bank theft,they have protected the killers of Robert McCartney,they have laundered more than €200m in the past ten years and they have been dealing with criminal gangs in Dublin and Limerick.
If nationalists turn out in support of these thugs then they are a disgrace.


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