Saturday, February 12, 2005


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Tony Blair:He did a great thing for members of the Conlon and Maguire families by apologising for their wrongful imprisonment over the IRA bombings in Guildford and Woolwich in 1974.

Vilain of the Week: Gerry Adams:He continued playing the martyr role he loves so well, challenging the Taoiseach to have him arrested and telling Ahern to "shut up or put up".
Sinn Fein's attitude and demeanour has been disgraceful and they must think the people of this island are idiots.

Funniest Moment of the Week: McGuinness on Questions and Answers:Mitchel McLaughlin had a bit of a disaster on this show a couple of weeks ago and Martin didn't fare much better.He tried to come across as an innocent man fighting a terrible injustice but he ended up coming across as a buffoon.The crowd laughed at him on more than one occasion and why not?His party is a joke.

Dunce of the Week: Sven Goran Eriksson:You won't endear yourselves to the British media by treating friendly matches with contempt and playing players out of position!What a fool!

Celebrity of the Week: Lassie:Didn't you hear?The new Lassie movie is to be set in Ireland!
We're proud to have you here,Lassie.

Quote of the Week: "I am very sorry they were subject to such an ordeal and such an injustice.

"That's why I am making this apology today.They deserve to be completely and publicly exonerated." - Tony Blair

Fine words from a fine man.

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