Wednesday, February 16, 2005


'What If'?Wednesday-Yes to EU Constitution

For this week's edition of What If? Wednesday I would like to talk about an issue that is very important to me-What if the Irish people support the proposed EU constitution?

It is my opinion that if the EU constitution attains majority support in Ireland,that it will deal a catastrophic blow to the sovereignty of the Irish nation and people and will set us on the road to an EU superstate.I oppose such measures vehemently.I posted on this issue before where I cited an excellent article by Ronan Mullen in the Irish Examiner,(who I admire alot) who did a great job in highlighting the danger of this constitution.Let me reiterate the points mentioned:

As Mullen pointed out: "Some say this will give the French and the Germans enormous clout, since they have 40% of the EU population between them.Given their economic and political influence,won't they be able to find another 13 countries with 25% of the EU population between them?Will the likes of Poland,Malta,Luxembourg and Cyprus put up that much of a fight?"Mullen went on to highlight other dangerous features of this constitution:

The Irish Government has effectively negotiated away our sovereignty and it is up to all Irish people to reject this constitution in order to rescue it.If we do not,we will lose everything that we have gained.It is imperative,absolutely imperative,that the Irish people vote NO to this shameful and despicable constitution.


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