Saturday, April 23, 2005


Gone Fishin'

I haven't posted in a while as I've been very busy. I'll be even busier over the next few weeks so United Irelander will be on hiatus for a while. It's a shame I wasn't able to build on Tuesday which saw United Irelander receive its highest level of visitors with over 400 people popping in due to my link on Slugger.

It's a poor time to be taking a break with things set to get very interesting on the political front over the next few weeks, but there are plenty of able blogs which I link to on my sidebar which will give great coverage of the political situation.

Good luck and God Bless.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Useless Irish Politicians

For this edition of Top Ten Tuesday I decided to list the most useless politicians on this island. So without further ado:

1. Gerry Adams - Leader of a party which claims to want Irish unity and which claims to support the GFA, yet continues to antagonise the very community he needs to win over for unity to occur. Completely hopeless.
2. David Trimble - Lacking in political vision, he has sent many unionists into the arms of the bigot Ian Paisley. May face humiliation after the next British election.
3. Mark Durkan - Has made the SDLP into an embarrassment. When nationalists feel the need to turn to terrorists pretending to be democrats, you know things aren't good.
4. Martin McGuinness - Another joke. Claims to want a UI and claims to seek what's best for nationalists yet goes on to threaten a family who want justice for their murdered brother. Pathetic.
5. Mitchel McLaughlin - If you watched him on Questions and Answers some months back you'll know what I mean. Where would we be without Mitchel to define what is and is not a crime and to tell us about the legitimate government of Ireland?
6. Enda Kenny - The Taoiseach's popularity is very high right now. 'Nuff said.
7. Mary Harney - A useless health minister. Terrible politician.
8. Michael McDowell - Has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth which wouldn't be so bad if he could actually tackle crime effectively. He can't.
9. Dermot Ahern - Amazing that he was made Minister for Foreign Affairs. Not impressed with him at all.
10. Trevor Sargent - Another useless politician. Opposes rubbish but talks enough of it!

So those are my choices. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own.


New Pope - Joseph Ratzinger

Joseph Ratzinger has been confirmed as the new Pope.

He will be known as Benedict the XVI.



As someone who has been blogging for a good couple of months, I recently have experienced the nasty side of blogging - the troll. In particular, one individual called 'hensons'. This individual has decided to post abuse about me and after reading his post on Twenty Major here, apparently he is launching some kind of 'campaign' against me in opposition to 'censorship'. I have read Twenty Major's comment who told me that I should "let these people post but merely delete any comments that are personal or 'play the man'". With that said, I have decided to remove my ban on you hensons as I am curious to see how you will respond. Will you launch into more personal attacks as I suspect you will, or will you indeed play the ball and not the man?

I am curious to find out as I'm sure are those who visit my blog. Let's see if you can actually debate in a mature fashion...

Monday, April 18, 2005


IRA Threaten Gardai

The Evening Herald has reported that Gardai were forced to close down one of Dublin's main garda stations after IRA threats when officers arrested the main suspect for the murder of martial arts expert Jim Curran in the Green Lizard pub. The IRA man - linked both to the Provos and Real IRA as well as the INLA and who has worked in the past for Sinn Fein's Aengus O'Snodaigh - was detained last Saturday after going to his mother's funeral in Meath Street. Undercover detectives swooped when they spotted the suspect mingling with the crowd at the funeral.

There were angry scenes as members of the congregation threw stones and threatened officers, who were forced to draw their weapons in order to calm the crowd, which included many Sinn Fein activists. The suspect is still in custody and a decision will have to be made on whether he should be charged.

Proof, if any were needed, that the IRA is still very much involved in criminality.


GAA joins us in the 21st century

I haven't been able to comment over the last few days as I've been pretty busy. I was though delighted, as most of Ireland was, at the news that the GAA would be opening up Croke Park to rugby and soccer while Lansdowne Road is being redeveloped. It would've been disgraceful to force Irish people to watch 'home' matches over in England when a perfectly good stadium would have been lying empty in Dublin. Common sense prevailed and the GAA have taken a big step in leaving behind their archaic, narrow definition of Irishness and this pathetic inferiority complex they seem to possess. Thankfully the foolish views of the Ulster counties and Cork, who opposed ammending Rule 42, were quite rightly dismissed.

Some people however believe it might not happen due to financial issues etc. but I do think soccer and rugby will be played in Croke park and when it happens it will be another encouraging step forward, not just for Irish sport but for Irish society.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Brian O'Driscoll: He has been chosen to captain the IONA...oops, I mean the British and Irish Lions. Congratulations Brian. Do us proud.

Villains of the Week: McCartney Opposition: The villains this week are undoubtedly those who verbally abused the McCartney family as they handed out leaflets regarding a vigil for thier murdered brother. The people who verbally abused them are pure, unadulterated scum.

Funniest Moment of the Week: Spinning Cat: For me, this video. Not to everyone's taste but I'm sure it will make you chuckle, even if you don't really want to.

Dunces of the Week: IrishBlogs: They are being very selective with who they place on their list and as a result are making many bloggers angry. If you're an Irish blogger who has linked to them and not had reciprocity, I suggest you remove your link! It's the only way they'll learn.

Celebrity of the Week: Britney Spears: Hey did you hear? Britney's pregnant! Good luck to her.

Quote of the Week: "They were screaming and shouting abuse at us and trying to get us out of the district.

"This was blatant discrimination, very loud and threatening and they were trying to blacken Robert's name." - Paula McCartney

Like I said, the people who engaged in this abuse are scum.

United Irelander's Busisest Day of the Week: Thursday - 138 visits

Friday, April 15, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

Lynne Stark, 42, from Dromara, Co Down, will this weekend begin her attempt to become the first woman from Ireland's north to climb Mount Everest.

Good luck to her. I wish more women from the North would consider going to Mount Everest. Women like Arlene Foster, Bairbre de Brun, Sylvia Hermon...

A Sligoman has become Ireland's first ever Euromillions milllionaire and has won just under €1.5m.

I just hope it wasn't one of those muppets from Westlife.

Jennifer Lopez has declared she still wants to be called J.Lo - several months after fans were led to believe she wanted to ditch the moniker.

I think I'll still just call her overrated garbage.


Fun Irelander Feature-British News

Am I the only Irish person fed up with having to put up with news on TV that is geared towards a British audience? A case in point is the British election coverage that we're seeing on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. I was watching Sky News (the British one) today and in a poll over 80% of viewers said they were fed up with the election campaigning. It's even worse for Irish people though because when it's all over and done with we won't have a say in this election! So why the hell do we have to hear about it?

I think it's time the BBC and ITV stopped producing news programmes for over here in Ireland. Just give us BBC NI and UTV and that will do fine. I don't want to hear about this damn British election when I won't even have a role in determining its outcome!

No coverage without suffrage!


New Feature Added to UI

As you may have noticed, I have discovered a neat feature which allows the most recent comments on the blog be shown on the sidebar. I've always wanted a "recent comments" feature and while it may not be as good as typepad, it is still pretty impressive.


Chirac Feeling Nerveaux

I see French President Jacques Chirac has appeared on French TV and has begged the French electorate to support the EU constitution which will gobble up the sovereignty of many nations, including Ireland.

"There would be a first consequence: that European construction stops," Chirac said.

Replace the words 'European' and 'construction' with 'French' and 'domination' and you'll be on the money Jacques.

The reality is, this constitution is as rotten as a plate full of cold frogs' legs. Hopefully the current opinion polls in France will be proved correct and hopefully the French will reject this constitution. Even if they don't, we Irish must!


Shut Down Sellafield!

Apparently dangers posed by the Sellafield nuclear plant could threaten Ireland for the next 150 years.

Remind me why we're putting up with this health hazard? It's time to close this nuclear plant down!


UI's Celtic Mythology - Aoifa

Aoifa, sometimes known as Aoife, was the daughter of Ard-Greimne and an Irish warrior-princess in the Land of Shadows, an otherworld kingdom. Her sister Scathach instructed the Ulster hero Cuchulainn in the arts of war. But when the sisters went to war Scathach was frightened to take the hero with her into battle in case Aoifa killed him. Undeterred by Aoifa's reputation as a fighter, Cuchulainn challenged her to single combat. Before the fight took place, Cuchulainn asked Scathach what Aoifa loved best and Scathach told him that above else she treasured her chariot. At first the combat went as expected in Aoifa's favour, but Cuchulainn distracted her attention at a critical moment by calling out that her chariot horse was in trouble. Afterwards, Aoifa became Cuchulainn's lover and bore him a son named Conlai. It was, however, the boy's fate to be killed by his own father.


Don't Feed the Trolls!

I was wondering when I would reach this important milestone! I have finally had to ban someone from United Irelander. Those of you who visit this blog will know that I welcome a diverse range of opinions and that I have no problem with criticism. Unfortunately when people are doing nothing but criticising I am left in a difficult position. The person known as 'hensons' has become the first person to be banned from this blog for the barrage of insults he directed at me. If you have a read of some of the posts he made below you will see I was left with little option.

Here at United Irelander I like to apply the law of Mick Fealty - 'play the ball not the man'. Sadly, 'hensons' saw fit to target me and only me. This I will not tolerate. Goodbye hensons! Now, back to intelligent debate!


Not the Brightest Kitten in the Litter...

Check out this video.

These people really shouldn't be allowed have pets.


Friday Fun's Fascinating Fact

45.2% of people piss in the shower.

I myself don't. Do you? Be honest!

Thursday, April 14, 2005


What does a UI mean to you?

Hugh Green wrote an interesting post over at Most Sincerely Folks in which he wrote two sentences on the first thing that came into his head regarding a number of issues. He invites you to do the same and I have done so already. What interested me most was the issue of a 'United Ireland'. Hugh had this to say himself on a UI:

"Will never happen as long as people keep campaigning for a United Ireland. Like a woman's work it will never be done."

I had this to say about it:

"Important to make our nation complete. The final goal of the Irish people."

That was the first thing that came into my head when thinking about a United Ireland. What's the first thing that comes into your head?


UI's Celtic Mythology - Aine

I thought it would be a good thing for United Irelander if I posted a little about Celtic mythology and shared some knowledge of Irish culture with our friends overseas and also offer an insight for Irish people who might not be aware of it. I have a great book on Celtic mythology by Arthur Cotterell which I will use. Today, I will write about Aine, the Irish goddess of love and fertility.

Aine was the daughter of Eogabal, who was the foster son of the Manx sea god Manannan Mac Lir. Her main responsibility was to encourage human love, although one mortal lover of hers, King Aillil Olom of Munster, paid for his passionate audacity with his life. When he attempted to force himself upon Aine and rape her, she slew him with her magic.
Aine's worship was also associated in Ireland with agriculture, because, as a goddess of fertility, she had command over crops and animals. Even as late as the last century, celebrations were still held in her honour on Midsummer Eve at Knockanny, or "Aine's hill", in County Kerry.

There you go! Now you know a bit about Aine, the Irish goddess of love and fertility. I hope that was enlightening!


Thursday Thoughts:McCartney Opposition

Following on from my previous post, I think it is clear that in Irish Republican circles there is a smear campaign being directed at the McCartney sisters as they attempt to bring the vile individuals who killed their brother to justice. Sinn Fein aren't doing as much as they can in the eyes of the family and it's apparent that many in the McCartney's own community have turned on them. I find this appalling. I was disgusted by this post made on Irish Tribesman which criticised Catherine McCartney over some comments she made about President George W.Bush. 'Diarmid' had this to say in his closing lines:

"It seems that Catherine McCartney hates American Republicans just as much as she hates Irish ones."

Am I the only one who finds such a comment disgraceful? How exactly does Catherine McCartney hate Irish Republicans? Because she is trying to bring to justice the men who murdered her brother? The McCartneys were a Republican family! It's ignorant, uneducated nonsense like this that gives Irish Republicans such a bad name. I made my feelings about Diarmid's post known on his blog although whether he will have the guts to publish them remains to be seen since it's fashionable for Republicans to stick with pathetic propaganda.

I have been very disappointed with the attitude of many Irish Republicans (if you can call them that) and I really don't like the route Irish Republicanism is going on. I don't like it at all.


McCartneys Suffer Crowd Abuse

Republicans were blamed on Wednesday night for forcing the sisters and partner of IRA murder victim Robert McCartney to abandon a door-to-door distribution of leaflets calling for support for a vigil in his memory. Relatives and associates of the man who allegedly ordered the killing were among those involved, according to one of Mr McCartney's sisters Paula.

"They were screaming and shouting abuse and trying to get us out of the district.

"This was blatant discrimination, very loud and threatening and they were trying to blacken Robert's name.

"They tried to provoke us into physical confrontation but we did not rise to it.

"The verbal abuse was sickening and they were attempting to smear Robert's name. Someone was also trying to take photographs of us.

"We were forced to abandon the delivery after the crowd had gathered."

Let me say I find this to be absolutely sickening and disturbing. What is going through the minds of these people harassing this family? The McCartneys are victims! This is the kind of disgraceful stuff that drives many Irish people in the south to ignore the problems in the North. Did the people shouting abuse at the McCartneys feel this was the right thing to do? Is it wrong to take Sinn Fein to task on the issue of the murder of Robert McCartney? Are the McCartneys disgracing Irish Republicanism? If that's what the people who verbally abused the McCartneys think then they need to wise up. There is a famous quote from Bobby Sands: "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children." Robert McCartney's child will grow up learning that his father was murdered and that not only did his community not give information to the authorities, they harassed his family as they attempted to attain justice.

Is that the kind of Ireland Bobby Sands died for? I don't think so. Revolting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


'What If'?Wednesday-Ireland Leaving EU

What if Ireland left the European Union? Would it really be so bad? Really?

I think we'd survive without the bureaucrats. What do you think?


Kiss My Irish Arse!

As you may have noticed, I have removed the link to that I had put on United Irelander. If I'm not welcome on their precious list I really don't give two fiddlers! Their site is now not welcome on my list! If they have deemed the quality of my blog to be below par that is unfortunate but I am always trying to improve and if I do meet their standard, I still don't want a place on their list!

So as an Irishman I say to them this - Feck Off!


So Much For Sovereignty...

I see Labour Party MEP Prionsas De Rossa has requested that the European Union review the legality of recent deportations in Ireland. Mr De Rossa requested the review yesterday, saying the deportations may have breached an EU directive on refugee status.

So much for Irish sovereignty! Here we have an Irishman whinging to the men in suits in Brussels to take action against his own country! It's enough to make you sick.


Loyalist Garbage

I came across this charming (cough) site 'celebrating' Loyalist culture, Scottish Loyalists. Why this celebration must involve acknowledging men like Michael Stone and Johnny Adair I do not know but I found it quite odd that they would feature Finn MacCool on their site as a 'Defender of Ulster'. Finn MacCool was actually leader of the Fianna, or Fenians, and guarded the High King of Ireland. To associate him with Loyalism is akin to republicans honouring Oliver Cromwell as a fellow republican on account of him opposing the British monarchy. Still, the site will teach you a little about Orange culture. You'll be able to listen to charming songs such as the 'Ballad of Drumcree' with heart-warming lyrics such as this:

"We have the right to the rememberance of the wars that split our land
And no one has the right to let it heal"

How dare people try to let it heal! This site reminds me why I oppose organisations like the Orange Order so much. Disgraceful stuff.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005



The Taoiseach has told the Dail that the Government will hold a referendum on the European Constitution even if other countries reject it. Bertie Ahern told Green Party leader Trevor Sargent that there is an obligation on every country to try to ratify the constitution by 1 November 2006. (We're obliged to piss away our sovereignty? I think not!)

Mr Sargent had pointed out that the opinion polls suggested France would reject the constitution in a vote next month. He asked if 100% approval was no longer the requirement for the treaty.

The Taoiseach said that if, on 1 November next year, 90% of countries had ratified the constitution, then the European Council would be the next step. He also said that if only half the countries had done so, he would assume there would not be much point in holing a discussion.

To me, this is the Government suggesting that the opinions of the Irish electorate might be irrelevant in the long run. Are our opinions to be spit on again just like Nice? I'll be sticking two fingers up at this constitution and giving it a big fat NO! It's my obligation as an Irishman who sees value in Irish sovereignty.



So after I went to the the trouble of fiddling with my template and adding a link to, I still haven't been added to the list! (shakes fist)

I see other blogs such as Balrog, have added a link and yet haven't been added. What's going on eh?

I demand answers!


Solid Proposals by the SDLP

The SDLP has unveiled a nine-month plan to scale down security in Ireland's north.

The document calls for the demolition of British army watchtowers and the de-fortification of PSNI stations. It also urges the British government to give the PSNI primacy in intelligence gathering and to drop plans to hand the lead role to MI5. The SDLP also wants proposals brought forward for the phased introduction of unarmed police officers.

These are very encouraging plans by the SDLP. It is high time the British government scaled down its war machine in Ireland's north and started to respect the rights of the Irish people in the North. The SDLP deserves credit for these solid proposals.


Trimble Predicts IRA Statement

I see UUP leader David Trimble has predicted the IRA will issue a statement within days in response to Gerry Adams' call on the organisation to stand down. He said the statement might promise more decommissioning.

Of course the IRA will respond before the election. Since Adams runs both the IRA and Sinn Fein, the response will most likely happen within the next 7 days. Get ready for Adams and McGuinness hailing the IRA's response as a 'significant breakthrough' and a 'great initiative'.

In reality, it will be little more than backslapping BS!


Caption Time!

I tried this before and there was some funny responses so I thought I'd try it again. How about you add a caption to this picture.

Let's hear your suggestions!


Doktor Doktor...

Another amusing graphic from doktormoog which you can see here.

Good for a laugh!


If I Was Prime Minister...

I see Sky News has been broadcasting a new election series entitled "If I were Prime Minister". I watched an edition on Monday which featured Billy Braggs who said he would seek reform of the House of Lords. Sky have been asking their viewers what they would do if they were Prime Minister. Very well! Let's see...what would I do?

I think if I was British Prime Minister I would immediately withdraw British troops from Ireland's north and immediately set in place Joint Authority with the Irish Government!

What would you do?


Top Ten Tuesday-Irish Slang Terms

For this edition of Top Ten Tuesday I decided to list the top ten Irish slang terms. So without further ado:

1. Bollocks - What a great word! You can be creative with this. "You dirty bollocks" etc.
2. Feck off - Feck is another great word, made famous in Father Ted. Actually any term used in Father Ted is great.
3. eejit - An oldie but a goodie. "You are some eejit" etc. Lovely Irish word.
4. arse - Gotta love the word arse. Popular use of this word in Dublin includes "My arse" with "my" pronounced as if it were "me".
5. Bastard - A strong word but fitting in certain circumstances. Popular usage in Dublin includes "ya dirty bastard". It can help if you drop the r in "bastard".
6. Arsehole - A very good word. "Wow he is some arsehole" etc. The American version without the r is becoming very popular though.
7. Dope - Not very strong really but amusing nonetheless. "What a dope" etc. A classic.
8. Gobshite - Not one I use often but deserves to be mentioned for being a classic. "What a gobshite" etc.
9. Muppet - This one is quite new and is very popular amongst the scumbag element in Dublin. "Shurrup ya muppah" etc. I do like this term though.
10. Get ouwwa that garden - The classic Dublin line. Not used very often these days but the older generation of Dubs who can pull it off are the greatest Dubs of all.

So those are my choices. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own.

Monday, April 11, 2005


United Irelander Commends Sinn Fein!

No, I haven't gone nuts but I would like to commend Sinn Fein on this aspect of their website which highlights the disgraceful collusion that went on in Ireland and the role the British State had in the murder of Irish civilians. My reading of Joe Tierney's book, The Dublin And Monaghan Bombings And The Murder Triangle, has opened my eyes to the dangerous extent of involvement by British State forces in the murder of my compatriots. I would urge Sinn Fein to read the book by Mr Tierney and highlight British State involvement in the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings as well as many other atrocities.

It's time for us Irish people to see these British murderers get brought to justice.


We've Been Overruled

I thought this letter by Patrick O'Shea from Cork in today's Irish Examiner was pretty good:

What a country!

"The EU decides what we can and cannot do - and now street demos have taken over our justice system."

The man makes a good point.


Monday Madness-Louth's Shame

I was very disappointed to read over at Slugger that Louth museum is hosting a series of events including the Orange themed "Beyond the Boyne" exhibition organised by undergraduates of Dundalk Institute of Technology which has a collection of memorabilia relating to Orange lodges in the Republic as well as some photographs.

This is disgraceful. Why is this sectarian, bigoted and xenophobic organisation being glorified by Louth museum? It's bad enough that the Orange Order likes nothing better than to terrorise and infuriate innocent nationalist residents by shoving their triumphalist attitudes down their throats without us glorifying it! We saw similar plans for OO members to participate in the St.Patrick's Day parade in Cork quite rightly shelved and these plans by Louth museum should be shelved as well.

There is no place for bigotry and sectarianism within Irish society and it's time we stopped tolerating it here in the Republic. Louth museum, you have messed up.


Major Announcement

I've added another link to my blog - Twenty Major, the funny foul-mouthed blog poking fun at the people who disgrace our lovely little country.

Be sure to check out his Dear Twenty post.


Unionist Unity?

I see two leading members of the UUP have endorsed the DUP's candidate for the upcoming British general election in the South Belfast constituency. Former UUP leader James Molyneaux and the constituency's former MP, Martin Smyth, are pictured on an election leaflet sent out on behalf of the DUP candidate, Jimmy Spratt.

Mr Spratt, a former head of the Police Federation, is standing against Ulster Unionist Michael McGimpsey in South Belfast.

Sinn Fein must be loving this. The tactics of Sinn Fein are akin to military tactics - hurt unionism by causing divisions within it. At a time when unonists should be united, instead they're at each others throats. Fools.


Sincerely Slackjaw

I'm pleased to see that Hugh Green aka 'slackjaw' has started his own blog - Most Sincerely Folks. It's great to see new blogs appearing and slackjaw is someone who has visited United Irelander often and he always has something useful to contribute so I wish him all the best.I see he has given me a link and I've returned the favour.

Good luck slackjaw....uh, I mean Hugh Green!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Sunday Scrutiny-Markham

I was very impressed by this blog, The Big Drought, which I came across recently while viewing Ciaran's Blog. It's run by a Dubliner, Markham, who has decided to go 12 months without alcohol. He began his 'drought' from St.Patrick's Day this year and it will run until St.Patrick's Day next year. I know what you're thinking...

The crazy bastard.

Well, give the man credit! I certainly do. I don't think I could do that. (actually I don't think I would want to do that but still...) Irish society these days is obsessed by alcohol. When an Irish guys turns 18 his whole world begins to revolve around trips to the pub, club, field...well you get the idea. So this is no easy challenge in the RePUBlic of Ireland. (did you see what I did there? Good)

Anyway give his site a look. I raise my glass to him!



I see Hearts fans booed during a minute's silence for the Pope today in the Tennant's Scottish Cup semi-final with Celtic today. Referee Stuart Dougal was forced to end it early.

What a bunch of pathetic scumbags. Thankfully Celtic won the game 2-1 knocking out Hearts. I hope you enjoyed the result Hearts fans! Disgraceful bastards.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Hedging Your Bets

Hedgehunter won the Grand National today. Unlike every other year, this year I didn't place a bet at all.

Any United Irelander visitors have any luck?


Bigger and Better

A new European Union survey has shown that Ireland's population is set to reach 5.5 million by the year 2050.

5.5 million? I don't think so. By 2050, Ireland will be reunified and you're looking at a population of around seven million!


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Prince Charles: Like the man or not (personally I'd say I'm indifferent towards him) he puts up with alot of abuse from the British tabloids but he has ignored the hostility he has faced and has today married Camilla Parker Bowles.

Villain of the Week: Dominique Perben : "We have finally obtained this 'Europe a la Francaise' that we have awaited for so long. This constitutional treaty is an enlarged France." These were the words of Mr Perben when defending the proposed European Constituion. This is why we the Irish people must reject it. It's disgraceful!

Funniest Moment of the Week: Rev.Lou Sheldon: For me, it's this. It requires Real Player.

Dunces of the Week: The Irish Examiner: I normally like this paper but to say that "EVERYBODY should warmly welcome the statement issued by Gerry Adams" and that he "effectively called on members of the IRA to have the courage to disband" is just plain stupid.

Celebrity of the Week: Pierce Brosnan: Hey Pierce might be reprising his role as James Bond. Go on the Irish!

Quote of the Week: "Now there is an alternative...the way forward is by building political support for republican and democratic objectives across Ireland and by winning support for these goals internationally." - Gerry Adams

Nice words but words aren't enough. We need to see action and an end to all criminality and violence. We need the IRA to go away.

United Irelander's Busiest Day of the Week: Monday - 131 visits


Better Late Than Never

Some of you may have noticed that I have added a link to Irish Blogs in the hope that I will join my fellow Irish bloggers on their list. Here's some reasons why United Irelander belongs on the list:

1. It has a lovely shade of green . Well it's not like I'd have an orange blog or anything! Oh wait...

2. I have managed to offend both unionists and nationalists at some point and there's nothing more Irish than arguing.

3. I have posted about my drunken exploits - essential for any Irish blog.

4. I have posted about the real issues that affect Irish people such as the top ten Irish counties, Irish accents and which counties we would swap for the 6 in the North.

5. Well, uh, I'm Irish. Doesn't that count?

So there you have it. Clearly I belong on the list! On another note, I will assume that A Tangled Web won't be applying to get on the list...

Friday, April 08, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

Around 250,000 Irish people are expected to buy tickets for tonight's record-breaking €62m Euromillions jackpot. The National Lottery has described the jackpot as the biggest jackpot in Europe.

€62m?! Hell, if I won that jackpot my Euro-sceptic attitude would be washed away in a sea of coins and bills.

President McAleese today stated she was 'privileged' to attend the Pope's funeral.

The President was heartened at being in a city where there are so few Protestants. (note - this is a lie)

A leading Irish milliner, Philip Treacy, is to supply the hat worn by Camilla Parker Bowles at her wedding to Prince Charles, it emerged today.

"She will look fabulous. I think people will be surprised," he said.

Is it one of those leprechaun hats? I really hope it is.

Prince Charles shook hands with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at the Pope's funeral today.

Wow, that's one interesting exchange. On the one hand, you've got a man whose very position is an insult to democracy and on the other've got Robert Mugabe.


Fun Irelander Feature-Never!

As someone who would most likely be classed as a moderate nationalist (in the sense that I don't advocate war) I think it's fair to say that there is alot of things I would put up with for unity to occur. Hell, if a UI meant the end of a republican form of government I'd be willing to put up with that. However, there's compromise and then there's surrender. There's sensibility and there's just plain madness. Below, I outline some things that I could never ever compromise on in order to secure Irish unity:

- Having the St. Patrick's cross as the flag - Aside from it being an awful looking thing, I fail to see how red and white reflect my nation's identity. Wouldn't accept this at all!

- Belfast as the capital city - Belfast? If we're not letting Cork have it we're hardly gonna give it to Belfast. Has to be Dublin!

- United Ireland with a border - A United Ireland with a border ain't a United Ireland!

- The demise of BBC NI - And take lovely Donna Traynor off our screens? Is a UI really worth that?

- Revised BBC weather reports - If Ireland is reunified the BBC might start reporting the weather throughout the island as opposed to ignoring the Republic like they always do. We can't have that. Then we wouldn't be able to yell at the BBC's weatherman any more...

- Revised attitude in sport - With a UI, the Brits wouldn't be able to annoy us by calling the North's sporting athletes British, so they should be made call the UI athletes British or it won't be worth it.

- FAI's Destruction - The FAI must be forced out of business and FAI officials must be herded into Croke Park Colisseum-style and set upon by angry football fans led by Roy Keane on a horse. If a horse can't be found, Bertie will do instead.

These principles are the backbone of Irish society and are NON-NEGOTIABLE! Anyone got any others?


Treat Your Moma Right

I pity the fool who doesn't respect his Moma!

What am I talking about? See here.

Gotta love the eighties!


Friday Fun's Fascinating Fact

The most pushups ever performed in one day was 46,001.

And it was one of my greatest triumphs.


Irish People Are Not Homosexual!

I can't think of a better way to kick off Friday Fun than this clip. Real Player is required.

It's about attempts by gay Irish people to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade. According to Rev. Lou Sheldon: "Irish people are not homosexual" and according to Lou, there's no scientific basis to show that leprechauns are gay!

Trouble is, Lou ain't Irish! Hilarious stuff and not to be missed!

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Let's Have Justice

I see four men quizzed about the murder of Patrick Kelly, a nationalist councillor in Co Tyrone, some of whom are believed to be soldiers, have been released. There are claims of collusion between the security forces and the killers in the murder and his family want an independent inquiry into his death.

As the only blogger to have serialised in depth Joe Tierney's book, The Dublin And Monaghan Bombings And The Murder Traingle, I do not doubt for a second the possibility that British State forces were involved. Why don't the British and Irish governments grab a hold of Mr Tierney's excellent book and investigate the man responsible for the 1974 Dublin bomb:

David Mulholland

Why don't they investigate the principle suspects involved in stealing the car and planting the 1974 Monaghan bomb:

Stewart Young
Nicko Jackson
Cha Gilmore

Why don't they investigate the others invovled in the 1974 Monaghan bomb :

Ross Hearst
Sammy Whitten
Nelson Young

Many of these men are strutting around scot-free according to Joe Tierney's book yet I appear to be the only blogger who is ouraged at this! What's going on?


No Election Ploy - Adams

Gerry Adams has insisted today that his challenge (cough) to the Provisionals was not an electoral ploy designed to boost Sinn Fein's vote.

"There is never a good time," the Sinn Fein President said.

"This is about leadership. It is about trying to give leadership in difficult circumstances.

"The thinking had nothing to do with elections."

Yeah, the thinking had nothing to do with elections. It's purely coincidental that the speech was made a month or so before the elections get under way!


Keep Hope Alive?

I must say I find the positive reactions to Mr Adams' speech yesterday afternoon to be very surprising. Today the Irish Examiner said that:

"EVERYBODY should warmly welcome the statement issued by Gerry Adams yesterday in which he effectively called on members of the IRA to have the courage to disband."

Today, Gerry Adams...oops I mean the IRA leadership stated that they would "give due consideration" and "respond in due course". I must say I fail to see what all the fuss is about. We've heard all this before and nothing has come of it.

How can we the Irish people be expected to believe that the IRA will ever have the courage to disband when they dont even have the courage to share information about the men who murdered an innocent nationalist in a Belfast pub?


Take Action Against Orangemen - SDLP

The SDLP has demanded that the PSNI take action against the Orange Order members who defy rulings by the Parades Commission. The party said many Orangemen have ignored these rulings in the past and are planning to do so again during the marching season in Ireland's north.

SDLP members are due to question PSNI officials about the matter during a meeting of the policing board this afternoon.

I applaud this stance by the SDLP. It is unacceptable for the Orange Order to put the health and safety of Irish people at risk. The Orange Order preaches exclusion and segregation and the sectarianism that they promote is very dangerous indeed. It's unfortunate that these marches have to take place at all but if some OO members choose to defy rulings by the Parades Commission then the PSNI should not hesitate to take action against them.


Some Historical Ceefax

I sometimes check out the letters on Ceefax page 145 and I noticed this good one from NC from Cambridgeshire:

Dear Ceefax,

Your correspondent (5 April) suggested Henry VIII would not have allowed "Rome" to "interfere" with his wedding plans following Prince Charles' decision to postpone his nuptials.

Do they also think Charles should have had Princess Diana beheaded in order to allow him to marry Camilla earlier?

I guess some Brits do have a good understanding of history!


Thursday Thoughts:British Ignorance

Following on from my earlier post, I'd like to know why the Brits are so ignorant about Irish politics? Did Ireland's brave freedom fighters screw up the perfect, narrow view of the world that the Brits enjoyed? The glory of the empire, jolly ho! If so, that's too damn bad. History is indeed written by the winners and unfortunately the British version which pollutes the minds of so many in mainland Britain has failed to establish a foothold here in Ireland. We know the real truth and it is clear that when it comes to Irish politics, the best policy for British people is to remember the old saying, "Tis better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt".

Show a young child a picture of Ireland on a map and I'm sure they'll see the division of Ireland to be wrong. I know I certainly did from a young age and the older I've gotten the more convinced I've become that it is completely and absolutely wrong. I'm sure if you showed a little British boy or girl a picture of Ireland they would see partition as wrong. Unfortunately, as they grow older, they are taught to accept that as being the right thing for Ireland and for the glory of the Empire. It is, to put it bluntly, a load of bollocks! Sadly, a significant amount of British people continue to believe that partition and the actions of Britain at the time were justifiable. Well, they were not.

The British public would do well to realise that Ireland's problems are a direct result of their own country's lust for power. The British like to have an opinion on Irish matters but they're not too knowledgeable about them in truth. The best thing for mainland Brits to do would be to do what their ancestors should've done a long time ago - mind their own business!


Some People Have Short Memories

I watched Question Time on BBC1 on Wednesday night live from Stirling and when the discussion came to Irish politics I heard the same old rambling nonsense. The hot topic was the speech by Gerry Adams but I was quite annoyed at the comment by Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy Leader of the SNP, who commented how proud she was that Scotland's nationalism hadn't seen violence brought into the equation.

Really Nicola? Well your country didn't have itself ripped in two and have one part of the country dominated by sectarianism and gerrymandering. Your country didn't have British troops come in and make life hell for the local population. Your country didn't have its citizens massacred by bombs given to paramilitary organisations by British state forces. Violence breeds violence and let's not portion blame to one side, and certainly not to the nationalist side!

The Brits have been responsible for Ireland's woes and we must not let current affairs rewrite history. The Brits have a shameful past in the island of Ireland.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Do The Right Thing

I see Kildare and Offaly voted in favour of allowing Central Council to open Croke Park on a temporary basis last night. (hat tip to Slugger)

All 12 Leinster counties are now in favour of Roscommon's and Sligo's motion for change, with six of the Ulster Counties in opposition. Down have yet to vote on the matter though a decision is expected next Wednesday which should be very close. Cork are the only dissenting voice in Munster (feckin' Corkonians!) however, Limerick have yet to decide on their stance. In Connacht, Mayo and Leitrim have also yet to vote, with the remaining counties in favour of an amendment. Congress is set to vote on April, with a two-thirds majority needed to pass a motion.

I think it would be absolutely disgraceful for the GAA to force Irish people to suffer the ultimate humiliation of watching their national team play in a foreign country when a perfectly good stadium is available in Dublin. I can understand the arguments against allowing soccer and rugby to be played but if it is temporary, what's the problem? It seems like an easy decision to me. Leave it open on a temporary basis!

What are your views?


Statement by Adams

"Republicans need to lead by example", "purely political means" blah, blah, blah.

I didn't see much in this "keynote speech". It's merely the carrot-on-a-stick trick yet again. I'm not impressed. You have to look at the hidden meaning in his speeches!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Simply British?

I see an interesting debate has kicked off over on A Tangled Web due to Richard Delevan classifying the blog as Irish. Gerry O'Sullivan felt this would cause problems. I myself had also noticed ATW was listed as an Irish blog and didn't see a problem. I still don't. Clearly the content of the blog is not Irish in nature but David Vance was born on the island of Ireland and is thus Irish. If putting the word 'Northern' before Irish is really necessary then fine, but an Irish-born man is still an Irishman.

Andrew McCann had this to say:

"People in Northern Ireland are British, whatever delusional label of nationalistic convenience they choose to ascribe themselves."

That is nonsense. Anyone born in the island is entitled to class themselves as Irish. That goes without saying. If people wish to define themselves as Irish and British, then fair enough. But how can you claim to be British and British alone when you are born in Ireland?

David Vance had this to say about United Irelander (I would hope this was tongue-in-cheek!) :

"I plan to amend my links section with an exciting new group of great British blogs...United Irelander is living in historical Little Britain so I thought it would be nice if he too could share in our wondrous British heritage."

As I told David, thanks but no thanks! I am a born and bred Dub and this blog is certainly not written from a British standpoint so there is no justification for labelling me British! What I think this boils down to is a hostility, not towards Irishness, but what Irishness has come to symbolise. That Oirishness if you will which paints Irishness as involving wearing green, getting drunk, singing some rebel songs and having a bit of "craic". It is a hostility towards a narrow view of Irishness. It seems to me that the probem unionists have with being labelled Irish stems from a discomfort with their own Irishness. That's a shame.


Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?!

The Ombudsman for Children has reportedly called for students to be given a role in the development of new codes of behaviour for schools.

The Ombudsman Emily Logan has reportedly claimed that the lack of consultation with children when drawing up school rules contravenes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Government's own children's strategy.

Wow, this is the nanny state - literally! I think this is crazy. How about we try being adults and lay down the law? Also, can we have the Ombudsman consult somebody before coming out with such stupid statements?


Top Ten Tuesday-Worst Irish Accents

For this edition of Top Ten Tuesday I while list the 10 worst Irish accents. What's that you say? How can I have such a short list? Fair point but let's see what you think of my choices:

1. D4 accent - You know the one. That pseudo-American crap that these crazy "fockers" speak. Ross O'Carroll Kelly has these guys down 100 per cent, roysh!
2. The Moore Street accent - 'Fire Lirers, five forrah powind!' Those street traders will do your head in.
3. Dublin scumbag accent - 'Ya f*ckin' startin' on me are ya, ya bleedin' muppah!' This accent is said in a very high pitched tone. Dogs must really hate this one.
4. Kerry accent - Seriously, what are these people saying? Enunciate!
5. Donegal accent - Again, this one is very hard to decipher!
6. Ulster accent - Some of those Belfast accents are brutal! (By the way, I'm aware Donegal is in Ulster so don't bother pointing that out!)
7. Limerick accent - 'Will ye ge'way outta that like!' Well if you persist in speaking like that...
8. Cork accent - Similar to the above. This one is more snooty but it's easier to comprehend.
9. West of Ireland accent - It begins to irritate after a while!
10. Leinster accent (excluding Dublin) - That Meath accent and the one from Wicklow/Wexford can become quite annoying if you listen to it long enough!

So there you have it. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own views.


My Social Experiment

On Monday, I was out for hours and hours and I must have spoken to about two people during the whole day, one of whom was a friend. I really struggle to start a conversation with strangers! On Tuesday, I'm determined to at least try and to see just how unsociable Irish people are.That's right, I'm going to strike up conversations with my fellow Dubliners!

My question is - how do I open up the conversation? How's the weather? Where'd you get your shoes? Isn't the Spire shite?

Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of something! Perhaps you should give it a go yourselves?

Monday, April 04, 2005


Monday Madness-Sovereignty Robbing Bastards

I have said many times on this blog that the proposed EU Constitution will be disastrous for Ireland and will rob us of our sovereignty and set us on the road to an EU Superstate if it passes. It is clear that the French government is worried about the possibility of their electorate rejecting the European Constitution in the poll on May 29. Even I was shocked though at this comment from French Justice Minister Dominique Perben in an article in The Times (hat tip to A Tangled Web) :

"We have finally obtained this 'Europe a la Francaise' that we have awaited for so long. This constitutional treaty is an enlarged France."

There you have it! Who says the French aren't honest?! Monsieur Perben has confirmed what people like myself have been saying all along - that we're being shoved into an EU Superstate. I don't know about you people but personally, I don't want Ireland to become French in all but name. Regardless of what happens in France, we Irish must vote NO! to this deplorable threat to sovereignty.

How dare these EU power-seeking bureaucrats spit on my nation and its identity! Where Napoleon failed, Chirac now seeks to succeed by conquering Europe using sneaky backdoor tactics! Shove your Constitution up your arrogant arse, Chirac! For Irish people, when the Constitution comes round, the choice is simple - to remain Irish forever and part of a Union of equal states, or to instead become France's bitch. The choice is yours. But I'll choose the former. I'll vote no.


PSNI Removes Paramilitary Flags

The PSNI have begun removing paramilitary flags from town centres and main roads in Ireland's north. The move is part of a new initiative by the PSNI, the North's Housing Executive and other bodies to clear such paraphernalia from the streets.

I welcome these moves. Flags are often treated like rags in Ireland's north. I especially don't like to see the Irish flag get desecrated by republicans who are intent on using it as a tool for promoting sectarianism. That's not what the flag is about.


Bottom of the Mourning

I see the Taoiseach has rejected calls for the declaration of a national day of mourning for the Pope.

This is disgraceful. The Pope had had a special affinity with the Irish people and we should show our respect for this great man by mourning his loss. Ahern has made the wrong decision.As usual.


Wrong Site, Pal...

A fun aspect I find when blogging is to use Site Meter and find out where visitors to United Irelander have come from. Some of the people who come across my site can be very lost though! For example, recently someone came to my site through Google after searching for "Ryan Tubridy" and another person came here looking for "olivia lee t4 picture". I have posted about these two before so that's not too unusual but I'm a bit concerned at the individual who typed in "irish athletes naked" into Google and somehow was pointed in the direction of my site! I'm not aware of posting anything like that! Each to their own, I guess!


Words of Wisdom

I found a good quote recently from John Wooden:

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

There you go. A very profound statement for you as you start your week!

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Pope John Paul II Has Died

The Vatican has confirmed that Pope John Paul II has died. He showed tremendous courage in his last hours without a doubt. As a Catholic, I believe he is gone to a better place but even those who do not believe will I'm sure agree that this world is a poorer place without him.

He was a great man. May he rest in peace.


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Pope John Paul II: What courage this man has shown in his last hours. He is clearly a fighter and an inspiration to us all. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

Villain of the Week: Prince Charles: What a gaffe he made this week by criticising quite possibly the harshest media in the world! The unelected head of state is feeling the pressure it would seem.

Funniest Moment of the Week: New Langerland Cartoon: It has to be this brand new cartoon from the folks at Langerland. I'm still laughing!

Dunce of the Week: Prince Charles: Has to be Charlie again, doesn't it? Very dumb move from the Prince.

Celebrity of the Week: Bob Geldof: It has to be Bob Geldof who this week hit out at the fact that the man tipped to be the World Bank's new head has been nominated by President Bush.

Quote of the Week: "I can't bear that man. I mean he's so awful. He really is." - Prince Charles

As Charles criticised BBC Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, he should've remembered that Witchell, like the rest of the British public, is paying for the fancy lifestyle Charles enjoys through his taxes!

United Irelander's Busiest Day of the Week: Thursday - 130 Visits

Friday, April 01, 2005


Bloglaigh na hEireann on RTE!

I found out over at Gavin's Blog that on Monday, 4th April, at 2:25pm on RTE1, there will be a discussion about blogging on the Big Bite show. Taking part will be Gavin Sheridan, Richard Delevan, Caoimhe Burke and Mick Fealty. You will notice that I link to each one of these bloggers so I'll be thrilled to see them on the telly!

As for Mick, I'm not sure if I have seen him on the telly before or not. I have an image in my mind of Mick looking like
Dominik Diamond.

Edit: I've been informed by Richard Delevan that the segment was taped on Monday and will air at 2:25pm on Tuesday and will repeat at 8am on Wednesday. Don't miss it!


Friday Fun-News in Brief

Mariah Carey this week confessed: "I'm a little dramatic at times. I know, I know, it's tough to believe - but it's true".

Truly shocking stuff alright. In other news, Roy Keane has confessed he can be "a little angry at times".

I see Brad Pitt has handed over keys to the $14m Hollywood mansion he shared with Jennifer Aniston to his estranged wife. According to America's People magazine, Aniston asked Pitt for the home before filing for divorce from the actor last week.

Well Brad Pitt might be good-looking, but it seems he's also whipped! Whoo-chish! (That's the sound of being whipped in case you didn't know.)

Finally, it seems Sinead O'Connor is staging a comeback by recording a new reggae album in Jamaica.

Reggae? That doesn't sound good. Do you think Sinead might be starting to lose the plot? Oh right...


What Have The Brits Ever Done For Us?

I see the folks at Langerland are back with this brilliant cartoon which explains what the Brits have done for us. (hat-tip to Richard Delevan and Slugger)

I loved the ones about Protestants and Kevin Myers. Ah, it's all in good fun!


Fun Irelander Feature-6 County Trade-Off

Most Irish nationalists obviously feel bad about the fact that 6 Irish counties remained under British rule while the other 26 got to leave the UK. Well, what if we could trade 6 counties for the 6 that make up the North? What counties would you give up in order to attain Down, Derry, Armagh, Antrim, Fermanagh and Tyrone? Here are the ones I would trade:

Cork - What is the point of Cork? Corkonians are full of themselves. They call themselves the 'Rebel County'. Well then they'd have no problem being traded I'm sure!

Meath - People in Meath dislike Dubliners. And they're proud of that fact. They also tend to do better than us in Gaelic football. Considering we have Westmeath, Meath is expendable.

Laois - Why not? What's there? It doesn't even have the seaside.

Limerick - Do I really need to explain this one?

Roscommon - I'm not sure if I've ever gone there. I'm not sure why I would want to.

Leitrim - What do you mean why Leitrim? Did you even know it was an Irish county? Be honest!

So there you have it. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own views.


Spot the Difference

Since it's Friday Fun I have to offer you something fun to do. Well, I found this really hard spot the difference game. There are 3 differences and I only got 1. Give it a go.

You can try it here.


Friday Fun's Fascinating Fact

New Zealand was the first country to allow women to vote.

So next time your wife yells at you to do the dishes you can thank those feckin' Kiwis! (note-I'm not a chauvinist.Honest!)


Sammy McIlroy Wants a UI Team

Following on from George Best's comments last week, it seems Sammy McIlroy has also decided that an all-Ireland team is the way to go. After NI's bad defeat to Poland on Wednesday, McIlroy feels a United Ireland team is best for the future of football in the north.

"It's time we faced up to the fact that an all-Ireland team is the way to go," said McIlroy.

For more on Sammy McIlroy's comments, click here.

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