Thursday, April 07, 2005


Let's Have Justice

I see four men quizzed about the murder of Patrick Kelly, a nationalist councillor in Co Tyrone, some of whom are believed to be soldiers, have been released. There are claims of collusion between the security forces and the killers in the murder and his family want an independent inquiry into his death.

As the only blogger to have serialised in depth Joe Tierney's book, The Dublin And Monaghan Bombings And The Murder Traingle, I do not doubt for a second the possibility that British State forces were involved. Why don't the British and Irish governments grab a hold of Mr Tierney's excellent book and investigate the man responsible for the 1974 Dublin bomb:

David Mulholland

Why don't they investigate the principle suspects involved in stealing the car and planting the 1974 Monaghan bomb:

Stewart Young
Nicko Jackson
Cha Gilmore

Why don't they investigate the others invovled in the 1974 Monaghan bomb :

Ross Hearst
Sammy Whitten
Nelson Young

Many of these men are strutting around scot-free according to Joe Tierney's book yet I appear to be the only blogger who is ouraged at this! What's going on?


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