Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Loyalist Garbage

I came across this charming (cough) site 'celebrating' Loyalist culture, Scottish Loyalists. Why this celebration must involve acknowledging men like Michael Stone and Johnny Adair I do not know but I found it quite odd that they would feature Finn MacCool on their site as a 'Defender of Ulster'. Finn MacCool was actually leader of the Fianna, or Fenians, and guarded the High King of Ireland. To associate him with Loyalism is akin to republicans honouring Oliver Cromwell as a fellow republican on account of him opposing the British monarchy. Still, the site will teach you a little about Orange culture. You'll be able to listen to charming songs such as the 'Ballad of Drumcree' with heart-warming lyrics such as this:

"We have the right to the rememberance of the wars that split our land
And no one has the right to let it heal"

How dare people try to let it heal! This site reminds me why I oppose organisations like the Orange Order so much. Disgraceful stuff.


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