Friday, April 01, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

Mariah Carey this week confessed: "I'm a little dramatic at times. I know, I know, it's tough to believe - but it's true".

Truly shocking stuff alright. In other news, Roy Keane has confessed he can be "a little angry at times".

I see Brad Pitt has handed over keys to the $14m Hollywood mansion he shared with Jennifer Aniston to his estranged wife. According to America's People magazine, Aniston asked Pitt for the home before filing for divorce from the actor last week.

Well Brad Pitt might be good-looking, but it seems he's also whipped! Whoo-chish! (That's the sound of being whipped in case you didn't know.)

Finally, it seems Sinead O'Connor is staging a comeback by recording a new reggae album in Jamaica.

Reggae? That doesn't sound good. Do you think Sinead might be starting to lose the plot? Oh right...


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