Friday, April 01, 2005


Bloglaigh na hEireann on RTE!

I found out over at Gavin's Blog that on Monday, 4th April, at 2:25pm on RTE1, there will be a discussion about blogging on the Big Bite show. Taking part will be Gavin Sheridan, Richard Delevan, Caoimhe Burke and Mick Fealty. You will notice that I link to each one of these bloggers so I'll be thrilled to see them on the telly!

As for Mick, I'm not sure if I have seen him on the telly before or not. I have an image in my mind of Mick looking like
Dominik Diamond.

Edit: I've been informed by Richard Delevan that the segment was taped on Monday and will air at 2:25pm on Tuesday and will repeat at 8am on Wednesday. Don't miss it!


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