Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Irish Slang Terms

For this edition of Top Ten Tuesday I decided to list the top ten Irish slang terms. So without further ado:

1. Bollocks - What a great word! You can be creative with this. "You dirty bollocks" etc.
2. Feck off - Feck is another great word, made famous in Father Ted. Actually any term used in Father Ted is great.
3. eejit - An oldie but a goodie. "You are some eejit" etc. Lovely Irish word.
4. arse - Gotta love the word arse. Popular use of this word in Dublin includes "My arse" with "my" pronounced as if it were "me".
5. Bastard - A strong word but fitting in certain circumstances. Popular usage in Dublin includes "ya dirty bastard". It can help if you drop the r in "bastard".
6. Arsehole - A very good word. "Wow he is some arsehole" etc. The American version without the r is becoming very popular though.
7. Dope - Not very strong really but amusing nonetheless. "What a dope" etc. A classic.
8. Gobshite - Not one I use often but deserves to be mentioned for being a classic. "What a gobshite" etc.
9. Muppet - This one is quite new and is very popular amongst the scumbag element in Dublin. "Shurrup ya muppah" etc. I do like this term though.
10. Get ouwwa that garden - The classic Dublin line. Not used very often these days but the older generation of Dubs who can pull it off are the greatest Dubs of all.

So those are my choices. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own.


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