Monday, April 18, 2005


GAA joins us in the 21st century

I haven't been able to comment over the last few days as I've been pretty busy. I was though delighted, as most of Ireland was, at the news that the GAA would be opening up Croke Park to rugby and soccer while Lansdowne Road is being redeveloped. It would've been disgraceful to force Irish people to watch 'home' matches over in England when a perfectly good stadium would have been lying empty in Dublin. Common sense prevailed and the GAA have taken a big step in leaving behind their archaic, narrow definition of Irishness and this pathetic inferiority complex they seem to possess. Thankfully the foolish views of the Ulster counties and Cork, who opposed ammending Rule 42, were quite rightly dismissed.

Some people however believe it might not happen due to financial issues etc. but I do think soccer and rugby will be played in Croke park and when it happens it will be another encouraging step forward, not just for Irish sport but for Irish society.


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