Friday, April 15, 2005


Don't Feed the Trolls!

I was wondering when I would reach this important milestone! I have finally had to ban someone from United Irelander. Those of you who visit this blog will know that I welcome a diverse range of opinions and that I have no problem with criticism. Unfortunately when people are doing nothing but criticising I am left in a difficult position. The person known as 'hensons' has become the first person to be banned from this blog for the barrage of insults he directed at me. If you have a read of some of the posts he made below you will see I was left with little option.

Here at United Irelander I like to apply the law of Mick Fealty - 'play the ball not the man'. Sadly, 'hensons' saw fit to target me and only me. This I will not tolerate. Goodbye hensons! Now, back to intelligent debate!


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