Tuesday, April 19, 2005



As someone who has been blogging for a good couple of months, I recently have experienced the nasty side of blogging - the troll. In particular, one individual called 'hensons'. This individual has decided to post abuse about me and after reading his post on Twenty Major here, apparently he is launching some kind of 'campaign' against me in opposition to 'censorship'. I have read Twenty Major's comment who told me that I should "let these people post but merely delete any comments that are personal or 'play the man'". With that said, I have decided to remove my ban on you hensons as I am curious to see how you will respond. Will you launch into more personal attacks as I suspect you will, or will you indeed play the ball and not the man?

I am curious to find out as I'm sure are those who visit my blog. Let's see if you can actually debate in a mature fashion...


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