Monday, April 04, 2005


Monday Madness-Sovereignty Robbing Bastards

I have said many times on this blog that the proposed EU Constitution will be disastrous for Ireland and will rob us of our sovereignty and set us on the road to an EU Superstate if it passes. It is clear that the French government is worried about the possibility of their electorate rejecting the European Constitution in the poll on May 29. Even I was shocked though at this comment from French Justice Minister Dominique Perben in an article in The Times (hat tip to A Tangled Web) :

"We have finally obtained this 'Europe a la Francaise' that we have awaited for so long. This constitutional treaty is an enlarged France."

There you have it! Who says the French aren't honest?! Monsieur Perben has confirmed what people like myself have been saying all along - that we're being shoved into an EU Superstate. I don't know about you people but personally, I don't want Ireland to become French in all but name. Regardless of what happens in France, we Irish must vote NO! to this deplorable threat to sovereignty.

How dare these EU power-seeking bureaucrats spit on my nation and its identity! Where Napoleon failed, Chirac now seeks to succeed by conquering Europe using sneaky backdoor tactics! Shove your Constitution up your arrogant arse, Chirac! For Irish people, when the Constitution comes round, the choice is simple - to remain Irish forever and part of a Union of equal states, or to instead become France's bitch. The choice is yours. But I'll choose the former. I'll vote no.


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