Thursday, April 14, 2005


McCartneys Suffer Crowd Abuse

Republicans were blamed on Wednesday night for forcing the sisters and partner of IRA murder victim Robert McCartney to abandon a door-to-door distribution of leaflets calling for support for a vigil in his memory. Relatives and associates of the man who allegedly ordered the killing were among those involved, according to one of Mr McCartney's sisters Paula.

"They were screaming and shouting abuse and trying to get us out of the district.

"This was blatant discrimination, very loud and threatening and they were trying to blacken Robert's name.

"They tried to provoke us into physical confrontation but we did not rise to it.

"The verbal abuse was sickening and they were attempting to smear Robert's name. Someone was also trying to take photographs of us.

"We were forced to abandon the delivery after the crowd had gathered."

Let me say I find this to be absolutely sickening and disturbing. What is going through the minds of these people harassing this family? The McCartneys are victims! This is the kind of disgraceful stuff that drives many Irish people in the south to ignore the problems in the North. Did the people shouting abuse at the McCartneys feel this was the right thing to do? Is it wrong to take Sinn Fein to task on the issue of the murder of Robert McCartney? Are the McCartneys disgracing Irish Republicanism? If that's what the people who verbally abused the McCartneys think then they need to wise up. There is a famous quote from Bobby Sands: "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children." Robert McCartney's child will grow up learning that his father was murdered and that not only did his community not give information to the authorities, they harassed his family as they attempted to attain justice.

Is that the kind of Ireland Bobby Sands died for? I don't think so. Revolting.


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