Thursday, April 07, 2005


Take Action Against Orangemen - SDLP

The SDLP has demanded that the PSNI take action against the Orange Order members who defy rulings by the Parades Commission. The party said many Orangemen have ignored these rulings in the past and are planning to do so again during the marching season in Ireland's north.

SDLP members are due to question PSNI officials about the matter during a meeting of the policing board this afternoon.

I applaud this stance by the SDLP. It is unacceptable for the Orange Order to put the health and safety of Irish people at risk. The Orange Order preaches exclusion and segregation and the sectarianism that they promote is very dangerous indeed. It's unfortunate that these marches have to take place at all but if some OO members choose to defy rulings by the Parades Commission then the PSNI should not hesitate to take action against them.


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