Saturday, April 02, 2005


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Pope John Paul II: What courage this man has shown in his last hours. He is clearly a fighter and an inspiration to us all. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

Villain of the Week: Prince Charles: What a gaffe he made this week by criticising quite possibly the harshest media in the world! The unelected head of state is feeling the pressure it would seem.

Funniest Moment of the Week: New Langerland Cartoon: It has to be this brand new cartoon from the folks at Langerland. I'm still laughing!

Dunce of the Week: Prince Charles: Has to be Charlie again, doesn't it? Very dumb move from the Prince.

Celebrity of the Week: Bob Geldof: It has to be Bob Geldof who this week hit out at the fact that the man tipped to be the World Bank's new head has been nominated by President Bush.

Quote of the Week: "I can't bear that man. I mean he's so awful. He really is." - Prince Charles

As Charles criticised BBC Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, he should've remembered that Witchell, like the rest of the British public, is paying for the fancy lifestyle Charles enjoys through his taxes!

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