Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Do The Right Thing

I see Kildare and Offaly voted in favour of allowing Central Council to open Croke Park on a temporary basis last night. (hat tip to Slugger)

All 12 Leinster counties are now in favour of Roscommon's and Sligo's motion for change, with six of the Ulster Counties in opposition. Down have yet to vote on the matter though a decision is expected next Wednesday which should be very close. Cork are the only dissenting voice in Munster (feckin' Corkonians!) however, Limerick have yet to decide on their stance. In Connacht, Mayo and Leitrim have also yet to vote, with the remaining counties in favour of an amendment. Congress is set to vote on April, with a two-thirds majority needed to pass a motion.

I think it would be absolutely disgraceful for the GAA to force Irish people to suffer the ultimate humiliation of watching their national team play in a foreign country when a perfectly good stadium is available in Dublin. I can understand the arguments against allowing soccer and rugby to be played but if it is temporary, what's the problem? It seems like an easy decision to me. Leave it open on a temporary basis!

What are your views?


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