Saturday, April 09, 2005


Better Late Than Never

Some of you may have noticed that I have added a link to Irish Blogs in the hope that I will join my fellow Irish bloggers on their list. Here's some reasons why United Irelander belongs on the list:

1. It has a lovely shade of green . Well it's not like I'd have an orange blog or anything! Oh wait...

2. I have managed to offend both unionists and nationalists at some point and there's nothing more Irish than arguing.

3. I have posted about my drunken exploits - essential for any Irish blog.

4. I have posted about the real issues that affect Irish people such as the top ten Irish counties, Irish accents and which counties we would swap for the 6 in the North.

5. Well, uh, I'm Irish. Doesn't that count?

So there you have it. Clearly I belong on the list! On another note, I will assume that A Tangled Web won't be applying to get on the list...


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