Thursday, April 07, 2005


Some People Have Short Memories

I watched Question Time on BBC1 on Wednesday night live from Stirling and when the discussion came to Irish politics I heard the same old rambling nonsense. The hot topic was the speech by Gerry Adams but I was quite annoyed at the comment by Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy Leader of the SNP, who commented how proud she was that Scotland's nationalism hadn't seen violence brought into the equation.

Really Nicola? Well your country didn't have itself ripped in two and have one part of the country dominated by sectarianism and gerrymandering. Your country didn't have British troops come in and make life hell for the local population. Your country didn't have its citizens massacred by bombs given to paramilitary organisations by British state forces. Violence breeds violence and let's not portion blame to one side, and certainly not to the nationalist side!

The Brits have been responsible for Ireland's woes and we must not let current affairs rewrite history. The Brits have a shameful past in the island of Ireland.


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