Thursday, April 14, 2005


Thursday Thoughts:McCartney Opposition

Following on from my previous post, I think it is clear that in Irish Republican circles there is a smear campaign being directed at the McCartney sisters as they attempt to bring the vile individuals who killed their brother to justice. Sinn Fein aren't doing as much as they can in the eyes of the family and it's apparent that many in the McCartney's own community have turned on them. I find this appalling. I was disgusted by this post made on Irish Tribesman which criticised Catherine McCartney over some comments she made about President George W.Bush. 'Diarmid' had this to say in his closing lines:

"It seems that Catherine McCartney hates American Republicans just as much as she hates Irish ones."

Am I the only one who finds such a comment disgraceful? How exactly does Catherine McCartney hate Irish Republicans? Because she is trying to bring to justice the men who murdered her brother? The McCartneys were a Republican family! It's ignorant, uneducated nonsense like this that gives Irish Republicans such a bad name. I made my feelings about Diarmid's post known on his blog although whether he will have the guts to publish them remains to be seen since it's fashionable for Republicans to stick with pathetic propaganda.

I have been very disappointed with the attitude of many Irish Republicans (if you can call them that) and I really don't like the route Irish Republicanism is going on. I don't like it at all.


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