Wednesday, November 30, 2005


'What If'? Wednesday - Republican party

Permit me to put this question to you:

What if we had a truly republican party in Ireland?

First off do you feel that we do have a truly republican party in Ireland at present? If you don't think so and are of the view that no party measures up to the values espoused by Wolfe Tone and the United Irishmen, how do you feel a party which did espouse these values would do?

There is a good article in the Irish News by Brian McCaffrey, that you can read
here, which examines how a range of parties now claim to be the true voice of 'republicanism'.

McCaffrey analyses the claims made by the various parties. He mentions comments made by Fianna Fáil leader Bertie Ahern who spoke of the need for the Irish people to "reclaim the spirit of 1916, which is not the property of those who have abused and debased the title of republicanism".

McCaffrey goes on to quote comments made by Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny:

"Today's Sinn Féin merely offers outdated and discredited policies, and an approach to politics that only serves as a warning to the present generation of the risks associated with a flirtation with a party that shares nothing but the wording of the party founded by Griffith and none of the true republican idealism of Collins."

McCaffrey notes the claim made by the SDLP's Mark Durkan that his party reflects "true republicanism":

"Those of us that share in the true republican ideals of unity among Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter must stand against those that would denigrate and degrade those ideals in a rush for domination over other traditions."

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly has also gotten in on the act for good measure:

"People will not be fooled by what Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the SDLP are trying to do.

"They chose to ignore the ideals of republicanism for decades and are now trying to rebrand themselves for political gain."

The problem with analysing republicanism in Ireland is that the very term 'Republican' takes quite a different meaning in this island of ours in contrast to our friends overseas.

Over on
Raiméis, Gerry O'Sullivan eloquently described the problems:

"I used the term ‘nationalist’ reluctantly, as like yourself, I wouldn’t describe myself as a nationalist. However it is recognised as a shorthand term for those of us who advocate a united Ireland by peaceful means.

"The Irish use of the terms ‘Republican’ and ‘Nationalist’ is arseways, imo. Sinn Féin is a classic example of an ethnic nationalist movement. Republicanism in its most definitive sense is an inclusive ideology, something SF manifestly is not.

"I would much prefer to describe myself as a republican, but I don’t want to be mistaken for a SF supporter."

Gerry is spot on. I share his discomfort with the Irish terminology. I class myself and this blog as nationalist - however I am in favour of a United Ireland which gives respect to Britishness. That is another nationality. I favour protecting people of all races, colours and creeds. Am I therefore a Republican? To me, the word 'Republican' conjures up images of close-minded people who prefer to drape themselves in Irish tricolours rather than extend the hand of friendship to others. What about my position on issues like rejoining the commonwealth? Personally I think such a move would be of benefit to Ireland and I don't necessarily mind a United Ireland having a link to the British crown. That must surely disqualify me from being a Republican? Then again, Sinn Féin have been recently celebrating Arthur Griffith, a man who held views like this. Indeed Eamon de Valera flirted with all kinds of ideas later in his life in an effort to convince unionists of the merits of the all-Ireland argument. Eamon O'Cuiv, grandson of de Valera, is perhaps the most well-known advocate of Commonwealth re-entry. O'Cuiv is a member of Fianna Fáil - the 'Republican party'.

Gerry summed it up nicely. The whole thing is arseways.

It's almost perverse to hear Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly accuse others of ignoring 'the ideals of republicanism' when his party has been aligned with a group that has, in the words of John Hume, committed 'sectarian genocide'.

In his article, McCaffrey mentions these interesting comments from Professor Paul Bew of Queen's University Belfast:

"Every generation of politicians that comes along tries to reinvent the traditional ideological mantle, but the reality is that things move on.

"Despite what the various leaders have said about laying claim to the title of republicanism there is no sense that anyone has gained any ground.

"The reality is that the status quo has remained the same.

"It remains to be seen who, if anyone, will win out in the end."

I think these are fair remarks. As for who will win out in the end, it's hard to say. Looking ahead into the future, and bearing in mind that things are arseways in this country, I can see a situation where nationalists succeed in achieiving an all-Ireland Republic...which will not be nationalist in character. And this all-Ireland Republic...will not prove attractive to Irish Republicans. Unionists will find this new Republic the expense of the Union. Which will lead to the creation of divisionists (those hostile to the United Ireland) and they will push for a division of Ireland...on the basis that they have been divided from Britain.

Arseways indeed.


This is a man's country!

Lois: I guarantee you a man made that commercial.

Peter: Of course a man made it. It's a commercial Lois, not a delicious thanksgiving dinner. ~ Family Guy

Great news people! (and by 'people' I of course mean the men)

According to a study carried out by the Government's Economic and Social Research Institute, housework is still largely the preserve of women in Irish society.

The study of the domestic habits of 1,000 adults found that 81% of men involved did no cleaning work or laundry on weekdays, while 71% avoided all cooking or food preparation.

By contrast, almost 70% of women engaged in all of these activities on a daily basis.

Wow, I find that shocking. That means that 30% of women aren't engaged in these activities on a daily basis.

The women involved in the research were found to spend five hours on caring or housework every weekday, compared to an average of one hour and 40 minutes for men.

Obviously this will raise a few eyebrows amongst certain loonies (ie women), but at the end of the day, this country is built on a solid foundation of women doing everything. Without that, this nation would descend into anarchy.

What do people expect? Men to actually do stuff? Let's be realistic. It's bad enough that we men have to squash big creepy-crawlies for women. Sometimes we have to leave the couch and the TV programme we've been watching in order to do that but is that ever talked about or commended? Hell no.

Look, here's the thing. Every man needs a cup of tea. And it's a scientific fact, backed up by NASA I think, which states that women make it better than men. Therefore women should regard making the tea as a great honour. Same goes for all their mandatory chores. Women are so good at them that men have to sit down and preoccupy themselves with the TV. Is there a greater compliment than that?

This is a country for men. But that doesn't mean women can't play a big part!

"Men are irrelevant. Women are happy or unhappy, fulfilled or unfulfilled, and it has nothing to do with men." ~ Fay Weldon

Ugh. Don't you just hate sexists?


Hain hits back over OTR legislation

I came across this letter in the Guardian from British Secretary of State Peter Hain in response to this article from Simon Jenkins.

Jenkins was critical of the "blathering" Secretary of State and accused him of treating parliament as "a colonial official might have treated Victorian Nigeria" and of dispensing "political expediency as justice".

Peter Hain has hit back at Simon Jenkins accusing him of "ranting from the comfort of his moral maze" and claiming that he "does not have a clue about the realities of trying to bring a complete end to a horrific conflict in Northern Ireland that has cost more than 3,500 lives."

"This was an immensely difficult move, but it was right. The subsequent decision to grant early release to paramilitary prisoners was difficult and victims of terrorism found it abhorrent. But it was the right thing to do to seal the agreement," said Hain.

"The intense moral and political dilemmas inherent in taking the peace process forward have to be worked out in the real world and not in the philosophic abstract. In the early 1990s John Major began the secret engagement with the IRA that ultimately led to the Good Friday agreement. This was an immensely difficult move, but it was right. The subsequent decision to grant early release to paramilitary prisoners was difficult and victims of terrorism found it abhorrent. But it was the right thing to do to seal the agreement."

I was fond of the previous Secretary of State Paul Murphy and I'm quite fond of Peter Hain too but I think Mr Hain is wrong on this issue. Terribly wrong.

A society needs justice. The terrorists and British State forces who murdered and maimed should be brought before a court of law and made to pay for their crimes against humanity.

They deserve no amnesty.


NI economy weakens

Yet more bad news for the North's economy I'm afraid!

The NI economy has weakened during 2005, according to a report published yesterday.

Despite a fall in consumer confidence experts claim house prices in the province are rising at 20% per annum.

Some of the forecasts from The Economic Outlook report:

- Slower economic growth in the province over the next three years

- Consumer spending growth is expected to remain sluggish over the next 12 months

- Public expenditure growth will decline over the next two years while property tax is expected to rise

Economists said business owners should be aware that public expenditure can no longer be expected to be the prime mover in economic growth, while there is no escape from higher rates.

I feel bad for my Irish compatriots in the North. I don't understand why we in the South should remain prosperous while the North's economy looks set to stagnate.

There's wealth to be shared so let's share it. It's time to establish an all-Ireland economy.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday - Why blogging's bad

I know alot of you who visit United Irelander have blogs of your own but a number of you who visit do not. I would certainly recommend that if you have a desire to try blogging that you do so. It can be fun. However...most of the articles I read on getting started with blogging only detail the good parts and while they give plenty of advice for newbies, they don't exactly warn of the bad side of blogging. Like everything in life blogging has a bad side and seeing as it's early in the week, I'm in the mood to get negative. So with that being said, I thought I'd give you the top ten bad things about blogging. So without further ado:

1. It's time-consuming - If you decide to take blogging seriously, you have to post regularly and regular posting can kill alot of your free time.

2. It's addictive - I think it's fair to say I'm a bit of a blogging addict. I was even worse when I first started getting into it. I even posted on Christmas Day for crying out loud! Be prepared to catch the blogging bug.

3. It can be draining - If, like me, you are a blogger who engages with the blog's readers, this eats up alot of your time as well. You can find yourself dealing with several threads which can be a hassle if debating is not your cup of tea.

4. Have to deal with criticism - If you don't take criticism well then you probably shouldn't blog. Or else if you must, set up a blog that's light-hearted but you'll still end up with critics eventually I'm sure. Not everyone will like what you write and it wouldn't be much fun if they did but if you can't deal with that, don't take up blogging.

5. You can become obsessive - As I hinted above, in my first few months I really got into blogging and tried very hard to get as many hits as I possibly could. This led to me getting fed up with blogging but I came back and managed to get over that. It's possible though that you yourself will end up obsessing over SiteMeter, Statcounter etc.!

6. You have to deal with losing a post now and then - I'm sure every blogger has experienced this terrible feeling. It's similar to the feeling you get when you're hit in the nuts. Really hard. You spend all that time working on a post, you hit 'Publish' and then boom! The thing vanishes into cyberspace. Sniff.

7. You can feel pressured on your own - It's probably best to get a partner to lighten the load. Having a blog with just one person and trying to take it seriously is far from easy and can leave you feeling burnt out.

8. You want to please your readers - If you dont have a partner and you can't post for a while, you can feel under pressure and can find yourself wanting to satisfy your readers by giving them a post to through. This can lessen your enthusiasm for blogging.

9. You think about blogging too much - If you really get into blogging, you may find yourself thinking about things that happen to you which would make a good read on your blog. In other words, the blog world and the real world become blurred. You might not want that.

10. You become immersed in the blogosphere - The term 'blogosphere' itself is probably unknown to most of those who aren't actually bloggers. If you start a blog you basically become part of a little word within the net and find yourself creating your own personal blogging faction through your links. Do you really want to become that involved in the blogging scene?

So there you have it. The top ten reasons why blogging's bad. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer up some of your own.

Now get blogging!...or not.


Top economist backs all-Ireland economy

You may remember a post I made a while back based on this article by respected economist Douglas Hain who argued that a United Ireland was economically viable. Recently, British Secretary of State Peter Hain said that the North's economy was "not sustainable in the long term" and stated that it would become increasingly difficult to look at the economy of North and South except as "a sort of island of Ireland economy", much to the chagrin of unionists. Well guess what? Yet ANOTHER top economist has backed an all-Ireland economy.

Stephen Kingon, managing partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Northern Ireland, told a meeting of the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body today said that he believes that better co-operation between North and South would benefit both economies.

Some details on Kingon:

"Kingon is one of the top economists in Northern Ireland. A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and the Institute of Management Consultants, Kingon is also the chairman for the Centre for Competitiveness and Economic Development Committee of the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and he serves on the Northern Ireland Economic Development Forum and the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland."

Hey, he might have a surname that resembles a race from Star Trek but the guy seems to know what he's talking about!

I personally welcome increased economic integration north and south. It's time we tackled sectarianism on this island of ours and got down to the nitty-gritty details of the United Ireland argument - making Ireland prosperous for everyone on the island and improving the standard of living for all Irish people.

"It's the economy, stupid." - Bill Clinton

It sure is, Bill. It sure is.


Mary Lou talking poo

Do you think Mary Lou McDonald is given scripted promos by the Sinn Féin hierarchy or do you think she comes up with the nonsense she spouts all by herself? I hope it's the former but I suspect it might actually be the latter.

The Irish Times' Olivia Kelleher reports that on Sunday, the Sinn Féin MEP spoke at a commemoration of the Kilmichael ambush, where one of the bloodiest battles of the War of Independence took place in which three volunteers died and 17 Auxiliaries lost their lives at the hands of Tom Barry's flying column.

Ms McDonald used the occasion to declare that Republicanism was 'more popular than at any period since the time of Tom Barry and his famous flying columns'. Hmm. Was Republicanism really all that popular back then? Originally the actions of the volunteers, later the IRA, were criticised by the Dáil and by the Irish people and it's often overlooked that in the elections in 1922 for the 3rd Dáil, about 40% of the Irish people voted for non-Sinn Féin parties.

No matter, here's where her really stupid comments come into play:

"In July of this year the IRA, undefeated and confident in the future, declared a formal end to the armed campaign...There is pace for everyone on the ground of Irish republcian politics and plenty more work to be done."

Undefeated army? What happened to "not a bullet, not an ounce"? If the IRA are undefeated, why are they relying on a British government to grant an amnesty to IRA terrorists - even if it means granting an amnesty to British State murderers? The IRA were defeated by the people of Ireland who demanded peace!

"Irish unity will come about much more speedily if we can build a broad-based coalition to end partition. Such a coalition needs to be built on the realisation that partition has failed - and failed miserably."

Dear oh dear. This is just utter horseshit. Someone give these guys a history book because the Southern parties tried an anti-partition campaign for many years in the 20th century and it FAILED MISERABLY. Why are Sinn Féin rehashing old ideas - WHICH DO NOT WORK? What will they propose next? Reinstating the old Articles 2 and 3?

Ms McDonald added that Irish unity was "too big a job" to be delivered and undertaken by one party. Well then why the hell is your party going on about it Mary Lou?

Irish unity IS too big a job, not just for one party, but for all parties. There are many factors that need to be considered for Irish unity to occur and many of these issues transcend party politics. I don't see Sinn Féin showing an eagerness to tackle these issues. The sectarian green card is the card to play in their eyes.

I'm afraid the Sinn Féin hierarchy need to write something more original for Mary Lou. Sadly we're being told the same old story. Zzzzz.


Fears over return of Best's body

The return of George Best's body to Belfast may be delayed due to concerns that the city could grind to a halt as fans prepare to pay their respects, it has emerged.

"Police are very concerned we will close Belfast down if we arrive on Wednesday," said Phil Hughes, the late footballer's agent.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come out and pay homage to the sporting legend.

I truly hope that the ceremony gets a good turnout because the man's greatness deserves to be acknowledged.

If I was a native of Belfast I would certainly go out and pay tribute to the man.

Make him proud, people.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Monday Madness - 1916 bashing

Why do so many unionists feel the need to bash the 1916 Rising, an event which played a great part in the formation of the Irish State? I was disgusted to read this trashy, historically inaccurate letter in the News Letter, by someone called 'Braidman', who wrote a piece that is absolutely brimming with vitriol. Permit me to tackle this individual's misunderstanding of the Rising by highlighting some of his/her remarks:

"The Easter Rising is a malign myth which has cast a dark shadow over events since 1916.

"It stands in comparison, for example, to a similar myth, sedulously promoted by Hitler and the Nazis, that the German army had not actually been defeated in the Great War, but had been "stabbed in the back" by defeatist politicians at home."

The author didn't waste much time going for the obligatory Nazi reference, did s/he? This is a flawed analogy to put it lightly. The view of the 'November Criminals' who had stabbed Germany in the back in World War I was easy to promote because Germany itself was not reduced to rubble in the way the country later was in the Second World War. Dublin in 1916 however was reduced to rubble. A view was definitely not put forward in Ireland that the Rebels had not lost. It was blatantly obvious to the man on the street that they had lost! However in losing, they mananged to attain a reawakening of Irish separatist thinking - thanks largely due to British incompetence it must be said.

"Contrary to the received wisdom of Irish nationalism, those who celebrate 1916 worship an empty tomb."

Wrong. The way I see it, the 'empty tomb' was Ireland's involvement in the UK. After all, the things that were promised to bring about the Union originally, like greater rights for Catholics, were not given and had to be attained by Daniel O'Connell at a later date. The way I see it, 1916 opened up a light in the tomb of Irishness which had been closed for some time.

"As Enoch Powell, the most profound and original political thinker of the 20th century, has pointed out..."

Yes I laughed at that myself!

'"No power on earth could have prevented Britain" from granting selfgovernment to nationalist Ireland in the early decades of the 20th century'

The point is, Britain didn't want to grant self-government to Ireland (the island) in the early decades of the 20th century. Unionists were getting results through threat of force and in my eyes, the proposal for division of the natural territory gave Irishmen the right to use force.

"In other words, an independent Irish state would have come into existence in much the same timescale had there never been a shot fired in anger or a bomb planted with malice."

That is far from certain. The Irish Free State ended up with far more power than the Southern Ireland parliament would have received under Home Rule.

"The 1916 Rising, therefore, was not merely a mistake - it was a crime."

It was neither a mistake nor a crime. The real crime was on the part of the British for denying the Irish people their right to self-determination.

"It falsely established the IRA as the driving force of Irish nationalism where it has remained to this day - a malign tumour in the body politic."

This is historically inaccurate. The Easter Rising established Sinn Féin as the driving force of Irish nationalism not the IRA, and the Irish volunteers (later the IRA) who kicked off the War of Independence were not acting on the orders of Sinn Féin. It took some months before the Dáil accepted responsibility for the IRA's actions. I would argue that British ineptitude helped establish the IRA as the driving force of Irish nationalism though I do not accept the author's attempt to portray the IRA of the War of Independence as akin to the Provisional IRA as they are two very different groups, just like the UVF of 1912 are very different to the modern version.

"Bertie Ahern and his Fianna Fail party cannot denounce the IRA on one hand while, at the same time, plan a major celebration of 1916 on the other, since their actions clearly contradict their words."

They don't contradict as I pointed out above. Indeed, Fianna Fáil can trace their roots to the Sinn Féin and the IRA of the War of Independence. Fianna Fáil are more than entitled to distinguish between the IRA of the War of Independence and the Provisional IRA as most Irish people currently do.

"It should never be forgotten that, in the context of the Great War, the 1916 Rising is only a mere footnote."

Cheap shot. Inaccurate yet again. The Rising is of significance to the British and most certainly to the Irish.

"Within weeks of Easter 1916, countless thousands of young men - the flower of a valiant generation - would perish in the terrible Somme offensive. To the unionist people, these are the real heroes of 1916 and truly worthy of everlasting remembrance."

To most nationalist people, you can regard the men of 1916 and the men who died at the Somme as equally heroic. Many of those who died at the Somme, such as those of the 16th Irish Division, were fighting for Home Rule and these men weren't always acknowledged by unionists.

Here's an interesting bit of information for my readers. The Ulster Unionists were quick to latch on to the Battle of the Sommes for its significance but did you know that a memorial was erected on the Sommes in 1919 to the Ulster Division and the Ulster Division ONLY? It was formally dedicated in 1921.

If the author wants to talk about myths, let's talk about the myth that the Irish people thought badly of the men who fought in World War I. Did you know that in 1919, the Irish National War Memorial Trust raised a huge sum from the Irish people to remember the Irishmen who fought in World War I? The original intention was to build a hostel for British soldiers but due to the War of Independence, a proposal was instead put forward for an official war memorial. That war memorial is today located at Islandbridge here.

In closing, I'd like to say that I find it very annoying and disappointing that some unionists continue to berate the men of 1916. Let's not forget that unionists too took up arms at this time over the Home Rule issue. I believe in order to move on we need to show respect for events of the past and while I disagree fundamentally with what the UVF and those who signed the Ulster Covenant did, I don't hold any hatred towards them.

It's time to look forward. We are where we are so let's make the most of the present and build a better future.


Donkeys stolen!

Stop everything!

BBC reports that four donkeys have been stolen from a shed in County Armagh!

The owners are said to be devastated by the loss of Nelly (pictured far left), Maggie (pictured on the right), Blaney and Tessa.

Nelly is said to be inseparable from her friend Blaney.

The animals were driven off in a trailer used by their owners for transporting them.

The police have urged anyone who is offered a donkey for sale that matches any of these descriptions to contact detectives at Tandragee.

I suppose I shouldn't mock this story it's just I'm surprised the BBC are reporting on it! Now I can understand UTV doing that (which they have, see here). Of course I hope the donkeys are returned and I guess it's a good thing that these kinds of incidents are in the news rather than stories about pipe bombs and beatings and so forth.

With all that being said though, where's the consistency here? I mean, donkeys often go missing here in Ireland. For example, this donkey.

He goes missing every time he comes to Lansdowne Road!


Follow the blue ball

Follow the blue ball.

(Note - I shan't be held accountable if your head explodes)

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Bullying - British-style

This disturbing image to your left depicts two naked British Royal Marines who were forced to fight each other in a bullying incident that has rocked the British Army.

Film footage obtained by the News of the World shows one of the men being beaten unconscious - because he complained that he didn't want to fight any more.

"It is some form of initiation ceremony. It is clearly booze-fuelled," said former Commander of British forces in Bosnia, Colonel Bob Stewart.

"It is absolutely wrong and horrific, simply because this is not what our soldiers should be undergoing."

"Why are they naked, for goodness' sake?"

Former Liberal Democrat MP and ex-Marine John Burnett said the episode was "repugnant to generations of Royal Marines".

The Conservative party's spokesman for homeland security Patrick Mercer said he had come across this sort of thing occasionally during his 26 years in the Army.

"I can't tell you how damaging it is," he said.

"Just imagine a young man turning up in his unit and being made to wrestle naked in a field while his non-commissioned officers are dressed up in women's frillies. I mean, it's not very dignified stuff, is it?"

The BBC details in full the 'naked ritual':

Twelve soldiers who had just finished their 32-week commando training were alleged to have taken part in the initiation ritual, while around 40 other marines - also stripped naked - watched.

The fight appears to have been "directed" by two non-commissioned officers. One was dressed in a surgeon's outfit, the other dressed as a schoolgirl.

The marine who filmed the alleged fight told the newspaper the ritual had been more than drunken antics and that the protagonists were forced to fight in a humiliating manner.

The images show two naked men in the centre of a large group. At first the pair appear to fight with large mats rolled round their arms.

But then a man dressed in a blue surgeon-style outfit motions for them to use bare fists.

When one of the soldiers complains, the man appears to kick him in the face, allegedly leaving him unconscious on the grass.

An MoD spokesman said: "The Royal Marines take these allegations extremely seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and harassment."

I think this is absolutely appalling stuff. To put young British men through this kind of thing is disgraceful. Is it any wonder that British soldiers tend to get such a bad reputation? It seems like a bad attitude is being instilled in these men!

You can watch the footage in action on the News of the World's site here. (warning - contains scenes of violence and nudity)


Unity's coming beeyatches!

Sinn Féin general secretary Mitchel McLaughlin, seen here in this picture to your left with what appears to be a slug on his lip, has said that unionists must now accept that Irish unity will eventually become a reality.

Mr McLaughlin however warned that unity will not be brought about without continual pressure on the mainstream political parties on both sides of the Irish Sea. (Pressure! Of course! I mean that's worked so well over the years!)

The Sinn Féin view that Irish unity was inevitable coincided with the party incorrectly celebrating its 100th birthday.

Here are some other things which Sinn Féin have said are inevitable (cough):

- Ireland to win the 2010 World Cup

- Dana to become President

- Bono to become Pope

Shirley Temple Bar to make it in Hollywood.

Ryan Tubridy to stop being a twat.

Wishful thinking at its best...


Blogroll update

I've decided to update my blogroll with some blogs which have caught my eye.

One site worth checking out is Pretty Cunning. I liked the post on Willie O'Dea's recent scandal regarding his fondness for holding a big black weapon (though I suppose it could've been worse). It's also nice to see a blogger who keeps visitors entertained while he's away.

Another site worth visiting is The Levee Breaks. It's nice to read the views of unionists who are articulate and sensible, which Mr. Levee certainly is. He's also done well lately to tackle the disgraceful conduct of Sinn Féin which certainly earns him my respect. Not only that but I also love the Led Zeppelin song 'When The Levee Breaks'!

Lastly, I've added an excellent Irish language site called Beo. What I like about this site is that even though it's primarily written in Irish, you can hover over some of the words which are in English which makes it alot easier to comprehend.

On another note, I've taken Caoimhin's Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú off of my blogroll seeing as the guy hasn't posted anything since September! A blog's not just for Christmas you know!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


The Best there ever will be

I've been looking for some clips of the legendary George Best in action but I've struggled to find some, however I have found this nice tribute.

Men die. Legends do not. RIP George.


Caption Time

I just love this picture!

Can anyone come up with a good caption for it?

The winner will receive a free trip to China!*

*(promise will not be honoured)

Friday, November 25, 2005


RIP George Best

I'm terribly saddened at the news that Irish footballing legend George Best has died today in hospital.

Best had his demons which are well documented but I'm sure he will be remembered primarily for being one of the best, if not the best, footballer to ever play the game.

Best had his critics but it always seemed to me that here in Ireland, both north and south, he always got respect. He had a great affinity with the Irish people and any time he appeared on Irish television he was always warmly received.

He was, in my opinion, the greatest player to ever emerge from the island of Ireland.

Rest in peace, George. You may be gone but you certainly won't be forgotten.


Fun Irelander Feature - List of enemies

We all have our enemies. Superman has Lex Luthor, Luke Skywalker has Darth Vader, Madonna has people who enjoy decent music, and likewise yours truly has plenty of enemies as well. So with that being said, I will now give you United Irelander's list of enemies:

Ryan Tubridy - What an absolute muppet this guy is. He seems to look on himself as some sort of drawback to the America of the thirties with his OTT smarmy demeanour. How this guy got on TV is a mystery to anyone who likes to be entertained.

DUP bigots - The party is filled with religious fundamentalist types who would make their American counterparts blush. Homophobia, sectarianism, anti-Irishness, they've got it all. Twats.

Dublin scangers - Decked out in their white runners, sports gear and baseball caps these Dublin scumbags are an out and out menace to society. One is almost driven to violence when forced to hear their high-pitched ramblings. "Whaaaat's the staaarrrrryy buuudddddd?" Aaarrrgghh! They're a strong argument for eugenics it must be said...

Sinn Féin sheep - Oh how I detest these Sinn Féin apparatchiks who tow the party line every single time. At least Francie Molloy had the balls to stand up for himself and show a bit of backbone. Sadly the vast majority of Sinn Féin supporters can't seem to see straight as they have Gerry Adams' rear end blocking their view on key matters.

Anti-American lefties - Some of them are right loons and are so vehemently anti-American that they are willing to tamper with aeropanes to vent their hate! I detest Irish people who say bad things about America and Americans!

Tim Henman - The guy's lame. Simple as that.

The FAI - They have fancy suits and make alot of money but it doesn't change the fact that they are inept, moronic arseholes. Only in Ireland would a football association, on the eve of the biggest competition in world football, not bother to check that they have the necessary equipment for the players. Who knows who the next manager will be with these guys in charge. Wouldn't surprise me if it turned out to be Roddy Collins...

Corkonians (exceptions being certain sports athletes and politicians) - No need to explain this obvious one.

Bleeding Heart brigade - You know the types. Bloody insufferable. These are the eejits who are always seeking to find something politically incorrect to pounce on - and if nothing politically incorrect is said that still doesn't stop them! For example, you try and talk calmly about your concerns regarding immigration and the word 'racist' is often trotted out. You try to talk calmly about your concerns regarding gay marriage or gay adoption and the 'bigot' word is trotted out. I can't stand these fools.

Panel planks - I really can't stand the RTE show, 'The Panel'. An outsider from overseas who tunes into this show probably thinks it's a reality show based on the observations of a group of mental patients. I really can't stand two people on that show in particular. Dara O'Briain, who is about as funny as a verruca and who has a really annoying voice (even by Irish standards), and Irish metrosexual Ed Byrne who needs a haircut even more than David Seaman. How do these guys get on TV? Is it a case of 'collect twelve crisp packets and get your own TV show'?

Chuggers - As someone who walks through O'Connell Street regularly, I have to put up with these hippy-types who have the audacity to stop me as I make my way around the city. These guys make a very tidy sum doing what they do and perhaps if they did this charity work FOR FREE then I would show them some more respect. However it's hard to show respect to people who sometimes even come up to you when you're standing at a bus stop! This is Dublin - no one talks to anybody! It's tradition and don't you forget it!

So there you have it. My list of enemies (Draft 1). I'm sure I've left some people out. Anyway, feel free to comment on my choices or even come up with your own list.


Have the British given up on NI?

It has been an interesting couple of weeks in Ireland's north. Then again, things always tend to be interesting in the northern part of this island. What I've found most intriguing however has been the attitude of the British towards the north of Ireland of late. Not long ago, British Secretary of State Peter Hain, much to the disgust of unionists, declared that the NI economy was unsustainable in the long-term and he recommended an all-Ireland model, the British government this week has also pushed ahead with the On-The-Run legislation and the reduction of district councils in the North - two measures which both main unionist parties oppose. There was also the little matter of this survey, conducted in 2001, which found that 41% of Britons wanted rid of NI and favoured a United Ireland with only 26% favouring the status quo.This was at a time when the IRA were still around and when Paisley was NOT the voice of unionism so it wouldn't be surprise me if that 41% has grown considerably.

With all that being said, I've added a new poll to the sidebar of United Irelander which asks the question:

"Have the British given up on NI"?

This is a question that raises interesting points for both nationalists and unionists so I'm interested in your views. As always, please use the comments section of this post to explain how you voted and why.

Personally I voted Yes because I think it is abundantly clear that the British want rid of NI and that they see it as a white elephant which sucks up too much money.

What is your view though?


Ronaldinho - Genius

Ladies and gentleman, behold the greatest footballer on this planet. The genius that is - Ronaldinho.

If only he had an Irish grandmother eh?


Friday Fun's Fascinating Fact

Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.

Forget 'Celebrity Fit Club', if Vanessa Feltz wants to lose weight I'll gladly help her burn those calories!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Well said Mr Durkan!

SDLP leader Mark Durkan quite rightly accused Spin Féin of selling out on the families of victims of alleged state murders and collusion in the North.

Mr Durkan also called on Sinn Féin party president Gerry Adams to withdraw his support for the controversial legislation involving so-called on the runs which is passing through Westminster.

Under the proposed new laws, members of the security forces allegedly involved in killings would not have to stand trial – a deal with the republican leadership agreed with the British and Irish governments, according to Mr Durkan.

If and when the legislation is passed, several republicans who fled the North years ago after being allegedly involved in terrorism will be free to return home without running the risk of going to jail.

Mr Durkan said: "In return for the greater advantage of getting their on the runs back with no questions asked, Sinn Féin sold out the families that for years they claimed to fight for.

"They let state killers and loyalists totally off the hook."

Yesterday in London, Mr Adams said no members of the security forces involved in killings should be free from prosecution.

Mr Durkan added: "But if a panicked Gerry Adams is now changing position, there is a simple thing that he must do – call on Tony Blair to withdraw this legislation immediately and entirely.

"That is what Gerry Adams must now do. The British have made clear that they do not like this legislation. So Sinn Féin should release them from the side deal and call the whole thing off."

Well said Mark. This is clearly an important moment for Gerry Adams. Yesterday Adams admitted that the legislation was flawed and that it protects British state killers saying:

"In our view, it (the legislation) represents the latest attempt by the British state to conceal the truth about its involvement in the killing of citizens."

Well then Gerry, be a true republican and oppose this legislation!

The people of Ireland are watching and we're waiting for you to do the right thing and oppose this disgraceful measure...but I for one won't hold my breath!


Cruise in for a bruisin'!

Those boys at South Park have done it again!

Apparently a recent episode of the hit cartoon show poked fun at Tom Cruise over his religious beliefs as well as his sexuality.

Cruise is notorious for being protective about his private life however he's now at the centre of a South Park episode, during which his animated double refuses to come out of a closet after a meeting with his hero, Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, who criticises his acting skills.

In the episode, Cruise's ex-wife Nicole Kidman and fellow Scientologist John Tracolta attempt to coax him out of the closet. Kidman's animated double says: "Don't you think this has gone on long enough? It's time for you to come out of the closet... You're not fooling anyone."

Nobody's safe from South Park!


Thursday Thoughts: Repartition

I haven't commented yet on the big talking point of the week in Ireland's north - the reduction of district councils in the North from 26 to 7. According to the Secretary of State Peter Hain, the moves would simplify matters.

"For a place the size of Northern Ireland, 5,400 square miles with a population of 1.7m people, we are both over-governed and over-administered."

Hain added that it was "a people agenda, not a party agenda".

I disagree. I see this move as yet another sop to Sinn Féin.

Unionists have opposed the measure with the DUP leader Ian Paisley arguing that it will allow nationalists to pursue a United Ireland through the councils they control, however the SDLP believe it will only lead to increased division in the north of Ireland. It seems some within Sinn Féin feel the same as Sinn Féin this week suspended one of their councillors Francie Molloy who said the reduced number of councils amount to "a sectarian headcount".

There is a feeling among many that the councils in the counties adjacent to the Republic - Derry, Armagh and Fermanagh - will end up being dominated by nationalists and that Belfast council will end up this way too with the remaining three councils being dominated by unionists.

So then, what to make of these proposals? Well I think there are two things going on here.

First of all, quite clearly this is a forceful message from the Shinners and their British government pals to the unionists - get devolved institutions up and running again or else deal with this.

However there is a second thing going on here. A tactic that the Shinners know all too well - divide and conquer. Sinn Féin have been the political wing of a military war machine for decades now and for decades they defined their political tactics on a military strategy. They successfully managed to bring unionism to a point where the two main unionist parties were at each other's throats. By adopting this divide and conquer strategy, David Trimble and his Ulster Unionist party were reduced to a bumbling, incompetent mess which became associated with weakness and surrender in the eyes of many unionists. Now this divide and conquer strategy is being played out on an even grander scale - the NI polity itself.

Francie Molloy, the SDLP and the unionists are right to be concerned. This IS a "sectarian headcount". The plan will be to make sure that the councils dominated by nationalists become more and more nationalist in character.

Reg Empey made some interesting comments in the News Letter on this issue:

"The more you look at, the more you realise this is actually about moving the border up to Portadown, Dromore and Limavady.

"I think people must see the significance and seriousness of this. This is another step towards the Balkanisation of Northern Ireland and plays right into the hands of the republican agenda."

I don't personally support repartition. I think for an Irish nationalist to do so is to pour scorn on what Irish nationalism is about - opposing the segregation of the Irish nation. I want to see a United Ireland based on equality, justice and respect for all that comes about because unionists feel it will be of benefit to them, not a sinister sectarian plot which involves certain counties in the North being swallowed up by the Republic while we see the creation of yet another sectarian NI state where unionists dominate nationalists. That is letting a dirty history repeat itself.

A true Irish republican should see beyond defining people as nationalist and unionist and should instead work for all Irish people regardless of race, colour or creed. Not Sinn Féin though!

With all that being said and while I oppose these measures, it does raise an interesting question for unionists and perhaps some on United Irelander would care to answer it - how would you feel if Northern Ireland were to be partitioned and divided in two? Wouldn't you regard that as the most horrible form of irony?


So much for British justice...

The Guardian has reported how MPs last night backed controversial legislation allowing terror suspects on the run in the north of Ireland to escape full prosecution, despite fierce criticism from opposition parties. You can read the article in full here.

"The Democratic Unionist leader, Ian Paisley, said the bill was a "complete sellout of the British justice system" and would allow the slate to be "wiped clean" in many murder cases, possibly including unsolved murders currently under investigation by a special police review team.

"The SDLP leader, Mark Durkan, said that if police officers and soldiers accused of crimes or colluding with paramilitaries during the Troubles could benefit from the law, the truth about state-sanctioned murder in Northern Ireland would never be known. He asked why loyalist paramilitaries could benefit from the scheme when they had not yet decommissioned or declared an end to violence.

"Up to 150 paramilitaries accused of terrorist offences before 1998 could benefit from the legislation, as well as soldiers and police officers accused of crimes while combating terrorism during the 30-year Troubles."

These British MPs have acted against the wishes of the majority of decent people in Ireland.

Why do Unionists wish to remain linked to a country which doesn't give a damn about innocent Irish victims and who are instead more interested in protecting rogue British State forces as well as loyalist and republican thugs?

It's time we all disassociated ourselves from the British government and their best friends Sinn Féin so that we can instead set about making a proper republican United Ireland based on equality and justice rather than the sectarian green Sinn Féin version of republicanism which has no realistic hope of uniting Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter.

Miscarriages of justice such as this legislation will continue to occur unless we move away from the Shinners and the British government. They are both as bad as each other.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Adams admits selling out victims

So finally the truth comes out! Spin Féin President Gerry Adams has admitted what the SDLP and indeed myself have been saying for the last few weeks - that British State forces are to get an amnesty from the On-The-Run legislation so that Provo criminals can get an amnesty.

The DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson has today quite rightly accused Gerry Adams of hypocrisy after he demanded no amnesty for police officers and soldiers involved in terrorist killings.

Adams today said: "The scheme that we negotiated was published by the two governments at Weston Park (peace talks) in 2003 and related only to OTRs. It did not include members of British state forces.

"Sinn Féin’s position is absolutely clear: we are opposed to the inclusion of British state forces in the current legislation.

"In our view, it represents the latest attempt by the British state to conceal the truth about its involvement in the killing of citizens."

So he has admitted that the British State is trying to conceal the truth about the activities of British State forces! So why the hell are his party backing the legislation? In order to protect their criminal Provo friends, that's why!

Let me now cut through some of the bullshit comments uttered by Shinners here on United Irelander who attacked me and the SDLP for suggesting that Sinn Féin had negotiated an amnesty for the British forces who murdered Irish civilians:

PS from Balrog on the 22nd November said: "This legislation DOES NOT cover up the truth nor suppress it, the fight to ensure the truth on collusion is uncovered will go on and it will be SInn Féin driving that fight while the SDLP continue to do what they do best - switch to the issue whenever it suits them."

frodo from Ireland Free today said of one of my posts on the matter: "rubbish post, watch bbc parliament live today wednesday to get over your prejudices."

hensons on the 14th of November said: "there is nothing in this legislation that prevents the truth being established - on the contrarty fact the legislation provides an incentives for the truth to be told."

Now let's remind these Shinners of what Gerry Adams said today: "In our view, it (the legislation) represents the latest attempt by the British state to conceal the truth about its involvement in the killing of citizens."

Ladies and gentleman this is yet ANOTHER example of the lies and bullshit that Spin Féin give to their naive supporters who actually think they have the potential to fulfil their lofty promises!

I would appreciate an apology from the above people for their criticism of my position which has now been proven to have been based on inaccurate beliefs, however I know full well that Shinners don't do apologies.

Fly your republican flags, sing your republican songs - and sell out on true republican ideals.

For shame.


Men of Shame - Black and Tans

The image to your left depicts a family leaving their home in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, in September 1920 as a result of the British State force, the Black and Tans, who razed Balbriggan and several other Irish towns.

Over the last few weeks I have covered shameful episodes in Irish history on the part of the British and today I will look at the Black and Tans, one of the most hated groups in Irish history.

The Black and Tans were sent in to counter the threat of the Irish Republican Army whose attacks on the Royal Irish Constabulary led to a loss of morale amongst RIC members as well as many resignations. The Black and Tans were so named due to their uniforms and they were ex-soldiers who had fought in the First World War. They were backed up by a second force, the Auxiliaries, popularly known as 'Auxies', who were demobilised Army Officers. Both the Black and Tans and the Auxiliaries knew little about Ireland and were not used to the guerilla war tactics which were used in the War of Independence - this led to reprisals.

These reprisals were tolerated by the British Prime Minister Lloyd George. They included the first Bloody Sunday on the 21st November, 1920, when Auxiliaries who were despatched to a football match at Croke Park to search for wanted men, fired indiscriminately into the crowd, causing 12 deaths and wounding 65. This was in retaliation for the 19 suspected Army intelligence officers in Dublin who had been killed by the IRA earlier that day.

As well as that, two days after a an ambush by an IRA 'Flying Column' in Cork, Auxiliaries and Black and Tans sacked and burnt Cork city centre. Under the British government, if an IRA 'outrage' occurred, troops were given authority to blow up the property of those suspected of involvement.

Some of the policemen of the RIC were opposed to the Black and Tans. Daniel Francis Crowley, who served in the RIC from 1914 to 1920, resigned 'because of the misgovernment of the English in Ireland', and fled the country under Black and Tan threats after his friend Constable Fahey was shot by them.

Another notable incident occured in November 1920, the Tans arrested a Catholic priest, Fr. Michael Griffin, in Galway. His body was found in a bog in Barna.

In January of the same year, the British Labour Commission had produced a report on the situation in Ireland, highly critical of the government's security policy. It stated that, in forming the Black and Tans, the government had "liberated forces which it is not at present able to dominate."

Séamus Breathnach in his book, The Irish Police, outlines the role the British saw for the Black and Tans in Ireland:

"The RIC Divisional Commissioner for Munster, Gerald Bryce Ferguson Smyth, called his men to a meeting at the Listowel police barracks and told them that the British Government had instructed him to implement a new policy, which he enthusiastically outlined:

- I am getting 7,000 police from England.
- If a police barracks is burned, the best house in the locality is to be commandeered.
- The police are to lie in ambush and to shoot suspects.
- The more you shoot the better I will like you ... No policeman will get into trouble for shooting any man.
- Hunger strikers will be allowed to die in jail - the more the merrier.
- We want your assistance in carrying out this scheme and wiping out Sinn Féin."

As with the aftermath of the 1916 Rising, the British handled things incompetently and the role of the Black and Tans only served to alienate Irish public opinion. The British public were also disgusted at the actions of the Black and Tans it must be said. King George V was one of their strongest critics as was British cabinet minister Sir Samuel Hoare.

The Black and Tans were a disgraceful force in Ireland without a doubt. Many Irish people today could still tell you accounts of their brutality. I remember a teacher of mine telling my class about how his family had been on the receiving end of such cruelty. If I recall correctly, he spoke of his grandmother being viciously knocked to the ground by one of them. There is also the legendary account of what happened to the great Irish explorer Tom Crean. Crean of course made up part of the heroic three-man expedition led by Ernest Shackleton which saved the lives of the men of the ship Endurance. Crean had been honoured by the British for his heroism on an earlier expedition, the Terra Nova, when he had walked 18 hours through a blizzard to get help for his friends. Crean had retired to Kerry and one day, the Black and Tans came knocking on his door and had him up against a wall as they ransacked his house. Crean had no idea what would happen to him. The Black and Tans however stumbled across his British medals and knew they weren't dealing with any old Irishman and so they simply walked off leaving Crean standing against the wall.

The Black and Tans brought great shame on the British government and their actions are exactly why British rule could not and cannot be tolerated by Irish people here in Ireland.

Shame on them.


Rewarding bigotry

I just HAD to comment on this story!

Lodges and members of the Orange Order are in line for the inaugural Orange Oscar awards.

"These Orange Oscars have been designed specifically for those lodges and individuals who work so hard behind the scenes to further the Order's religious and cultural aims, often with little recognition outside their own district," said Dr David Hume, the Order's director of services.

What a great idea! I mean we all know that the Orange Order is a society that's based on vile bigotry but we don't actually know WHO the biggest bigots are! You won't believe this, but I've actually managed to grab a sneak peek (cough) at some of the proposed nominations for these 'Orange Oscars'. Let's have a look at some of the categories:

- Best bigot
- Best pipe bomb thrower
- Best supporting pipe bomb thrower
- Best animated rant
- Best mayhem director
- Best foreign bashing
- Best chant
- Best story (told to the media)
- The Dr Paisley Special Achievement award (Dawson Bailie's hotly tipped!)

I'm not sure who the presenter is though. It ought to be someone who captures perfectly what the Orange Order stands for. I suggest Maurice 'Gay's not the way' Mills. He'd be great!

As long as the ceremony isn't too glamorous of course!

The only gripe I have is with the name. Orange Oscars? That's lame. Let's come up with a catchier title. Based on the Orange Order's rioting earlier this year and the attacks they carried out on the Police, I suggest - The Kablammies!

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Shinner shame

More details are emerging on Sinn Féin's Faustian pact with the British government in order to secure an amnesty for their criminal Provo buddies - a deal which will prevent victims of British state collusion from attaining justice.

London-based British Irish Rights Watch has campaigned for inquiries into the 1989 murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane and other victims of alleged security force collusion with loyalist paramilitaries.

It claimed the Northern Ireland Offences Bill, which receives its second reading on Wednesday, would only suppress the truth further.

In an appeal to MPs to vote against the Bill, the organisation said: "This Bill, if enacted, will allow anyone who committed a crime prior to April 10 1998 to claim that his or her motive was terrorist to get out of jail free.

"While in some cases it will be possible to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a crime was not motivated by terrorism, once a criminal claims to have been a member of a proscribed organisation and, for example, to have killed someone because she or he feared that the fact of his or her membership of the organisation would be exposed, it will be virtually impossible to disprove such assertions.

"Sir Hugh Orde, chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, has recently established a Historic Enquiries Team to re-examine every conflict-related unsolved murder prior to April 10 1998.

"It will examine over 3,000 deaths and will cost £24.2m (€40m) over six years. On our reading of the Bill, every single person charged by the Historic Enquiries Team will never serve a day in jail.

"What concerns British Irish Rights Watch most is that agents of the state who colluded with terrorists will not be held to account because they will be able to claim that any crimes they committed were carried out in the efforts to combat terrorism."

Victims’ organisations, the nationalist SDLP, the cross community Alliance Party and unionist parties have been highly critical of the Northern Ireland Offences Bill, accusing the British government of handing out an amnesty to anyone who committed an offence before the Good Friday Agreement.

Visitors to United Irelander know that I feel strongly about the issue of British State collusion. There is an entire section on my sidebar devoted to the subject. I must confess that I'm finding it quite hard to express the sense of utter shame and sorrow I feel right now as a result of the actions of the Shinners on this particular issue. This issue, to be frank, leaves me sick to my stomach.

I have no idea if the leadership of Sinn Féin read United Irelander but I will use this medium to say the following to them directly.

For decades you conducted a war in the name of myself and in the name of all Irish people. A war that we didn't ask you to carry out for us. You blew up men, women and children of all races colours and creeds in a dirty vile episode of this island's long and dark history. As a result of this war, civilians from your community who you claimed to be fighting for were killed by Loyalists who were working for British State forces. You have claimed for years that you care about these victims of collusion and that you have been fighting for them all along.

You are LIARS.

You have pissed away any chance these people may have had to attain justice. You have pissed all over these murdered civilians in order to protect murderers who happen to be pals of yours. You have pissed all over true republicanism which does not believe in putting certain people on pedestals but rather treating all people as equals before the State.

You have pissed all over the Irish people for decades and you continue to do so.

Unfortunately for you, not everyone buys into your flag-waving, motion-proposing, backroom-deal making bullshit.

I don't. And most Irish people do not.

I can only hope that one day your supporters will wake up and realise that they've been had. That they will ask themselves what voting for a shower of liars and fascists like yourselves has actually gotten them and that they will realise all it has gotten them is a home called Northern Ireland which is far removed from the true republican ideals of the Republic of Ireland.

In times like these, the only thing United Irelanders can cling to is hope.

All changed, changed utterly:
A terrible injustice is born.


Poll Results - No OTR legislation!

I have closed the poll on UI's sidebar which asked the question:

"Do you support the OTR legislation?"

The results were:

Yes, I support it - 12% (2 votes)

No, I oppose it - 88% (15 votes)

I'm pretty sure this is the most one-sided poll result ever on United Irelander and I think if a poll was done on a grander scale, the result would be the same. I applaud those who voted No.

The majority of Irish people on this island don't support this disgraceful OTR legislation. It needs to be condemned wholeheartedly by everyone.


British feared spider plot by IRA

This story by Allison Bray in the Irish Independent made me laugh. According to newly released documents from the British Public Records Office, Scotland Yard feared the IRA would release deadly Black Widow spiders from London Zoo in 1940 in a sinister plot.

Scotland Yard was worried about a so-called "arachnid gap" in its military and counter terrorism measures.

Scotland Yard Inspector, Christopher Rolfe, urged officials to destroy the creatures before they had a chance to breed.

"The escape of these huge, ugly and dangerous spiders would have, undoubtedly, a very unnerving effect upon the majority of people in this country, accustomed as they are to small harmless varieties," he wrote.

"The puerile wishes of a few professors of insectology should not be allowed to endanger the national welfare."

Rolfe added: "The IRA may already have devious plans up its sleeves to capitalise on a bombing campaign by the Nazis or themselves that would set the spiders loose."

However according to a London Zoo spokeswoman, the spiders would have likely been locked away in a safe place during the war anyway.

An amusing story don't you think? It's one thing to gain inspiration from a spider à la Robert the Bruce, but it's another thing entirely to actually use spiders to achieve your aims!

I get the impression Inspector Wolfe might have been quite a fan of B-movies!

Monday, November 21, 2005


Move along people

OK people, nothing to see here. There will be no posts from me today as I am quite busy right now. Yes I have alot of work to do and work must come first as any Irish person knows. (cough)

So with that being said, I'll sum things up rather neatly:

- The entity known as 'Northern Ireland' has failed.

- The island of Ireland should be reunified.

- Padraig Nally should not be in jail.

- Maurice Mills and the DUP are a disgrace.

- Cork smells.

That's about right. Oh and by the way, this is my 1400th post. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

PS: For your amusement, I give you the most powerful man in the world! What a guy!

Now move it along!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Padraig Nally's defence

As alot of you know, here on United Irelander I have been covering the story of Padraig Nally, the 61-year-old Mayo farmer, who was recently jailed for 6 years for killing a Traveller who had broken into his home.

I've found the RTE report from July 2005 which details Padraig Nally's defence. Nally stated that he never intended to kill Mr Ward and was sorry for what happened. According to RTE:

"He told the fourth day of his trial that he had been living in fear for the five months before the fatal shooting, and that he often sat in his shed with a loaded shotgun for up to five hours at a time. The gun belonged to his father and had been in the house for 65 years.

"He said he was afraid of being broken into and killed in his bed. He often only slept a few hours at night and the pressure was almost unbearable.

"On the day Mr Ward came into his farmhouse Mr Nally got the gun from the shed and as he confronted him at the back door, it went off accidentally. He said he did not aim at Mr Ward and his hand was shivering as the trigger went off.

"The defendant said Mr Ward took the gun off him and tried to hit him with it but he got it back. And in an ensuing scuffle he hit Mr Ward at least ten blows with a stick.

"He then reloaded the gun and followed Mr Ward down the road and fired a second shot at him. Mr Nally said he meant to frighten the Traveller and the shot accidentally hit him.

"The accused said he believed his mind was gone at the time and he was sorry for doing it. He said he never intended to shoot anyone in his life and it just happened on the spur of the moment.

"Mr Nally said he was in such a state that he reloaded the gun and for a time he thought of taking his own life."

As I have stated already, if we lived in a society which gave consideration to the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators of crime, Padraig Nally would not be in jail right now.

Mr Nally is not a criminal and doesn't deserve to be locked up with criminals.

Free Padraig Nally now!


It's not 'soccer' and it's not boring

For some inexplicable reason, our American friends across the water do not appreciate the beautiful game aka football the way people from Europe, Africa, South America and the rest of the world do.

Shockingly, some Americans even look on football, or as they incorrectly call it, 'soccer', as boring!

People of America, you are wrong on this one and I shall prove it to you!

Please view this. When you're done watching that, watch this.

It's not called 'soccer'. It's called the greatest damn sport on this planet!


Damn Aussies!

I think we need to stop playing these guys!

Ireland 14 Australia 30

They're also going to the football World Cup unlike ourselves.

Damn them and their competitive spirit!

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Tsunami really WAS punishment - Mills

DUP councillor Maurice "I'm not too fond of homosexuals" Mills has stood by his controversial comments which alleged that God sent the tsunami to punish Asia for being godless and AIDS as retribution for homosexuality.

Ian Paisley is facing demands to expel Mr. Mills from the party after his comments provoked outrage.

Ian Paisley of course infamously ran the "Save Ulster from Sodomy" campaign in the 70s and 80s. (Gee, d'ya think he'll be upset at Mr Mills' remarks?)

Responding to the criticism he has faced for his comments, Maurice Mills maintained his position.

"Asia was hit by the tsunami because of the continent's people not being Christian".

"God had marked their cards" he added.

Trade Union officials holding a national anti-prejudice conference in Belfast however were stunned.

One said that talking as if God murdered people because of a gay event was "horrific" while another said Mr. Mills should be "drummed from office".

Visitors to United Irelander from Britain, America and further afield might be wondering why the DUP are the largest unionist party in the North. I'm afraid I can't answer that because I myself have no idea why this party full of bigots and nutcases has the backing of the majority of unionists!

All I know is, if the DUP fail to take action against this homophobe by expelling him then it must mean that they not only condone his words, but support them - and that is a very worrying thought indeed.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Katrina was punishment for gays - DUP

I'm flabbergasted by this news. A DUP councillor from Ballymena has claimed that Hurricane Katrina was sent to the United States by God to punish the New Orleans gay community.

Maurice Mills said that the natural disaster - which killed 1,300 people, caused $130bn worth of damage and left tens of thousands homeless - was an act of God against those who practise homosexuality.

He pointed out that the massive storm arrived just days before party-goers were due to gather in New Orleans to celebrate the annual 'gay mardi gras'.

"The recent Hurricane Katrina descended on New Orleans and took many people suddenly into eternity," Mr Mills said.

"However, the media failed to report that the hurricane occurred just two days prior to the annual homosexual event called the Southern Decadence Festival which the previous year had attracted an estimated 125,000 people.

"Surely this is a warning to nations where such wickedness is increasingly promoted and practised.

"This abominable and filthy practice of sodomy has resulted in the great continent of Africa being riddled with Aids, all at great cost to the nations and innocent children."

If you think that's bad, listen to what Mr Mills said to PA MagLochlainn, President of the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association (NIGRA). Mr Mills said that men would be judged by God for their sins.

"What an executor Christ will be on that awesome day," said Mills.

"Christ alone died for my sins on Calvary's cross and my personal faith exercised in his finished work upon that cross and by the cleansing of his precious blood I have the assurance of sins forgiven and peace with God."

Is anyone else deeply disturbed by this guy's views? Can the British please lock this moron up like they did with that radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza? It seems to me that Mr Mills is equally deranged. To say that Hurricane Katrina was done by God I find, as a Christian, to be incredibly insulting.

What kind of God does Mr Mills believe in? It seems to be a God who delights in destruction and pain and that's not the one I read about in my Bible! I read about Jesus being a man of love and forgiveness. Mr Mills is a very sick individual coming out with remarks like:

"What an executor Christ will be on that awesome day."

The DUP are without a doubt a disgustingly bigoted party. Led by a bigot, filled with bigots who preach unadulterated bigotry.

They do not have anything positive to contribute to the people of Ireland's north and the people of the North would do well to distance themselves from these fanatics.


NI economy unsustainable - Hain

I have written in recent weeks about how a United Ireland offers the best economic situation for the people of Ireland's north and today this has been confirmed to me by none other than the NI Secretary of State, Peter Hain, who has declared that the NI economy was "not sustainable in the long term".

Mr Hain told the New York weekly newspaper the Irish Echo, that "the island of Ireland should in future be marketed as a single entity".

While I think Mr Hain's comments are correct, I'm astonished that he has come out and made them public!

The DUP aren't happy campers and DUP assembly member George Dawson laughably suggested that Mr Hain should resign!

Does the truth hurt, Mr Dawson?

These comments pose some very interesting questions for unionists everywhere. A senior British government official has come out and effectively declared that the North's future economic situation is "not sustainable" and has recommended an all-Ireland model.

Proof if any were needed that the British want rid of the white elephant that is 'Northern Ireland'.

The best possible future for the people of Ireland's north is to be part of a United Ireland - a state where their presence is welcomed rather than seen as a nuisance - and where they can enjoy a prosperous standard of living.

It was pointed out to me today on A Tangled Web of all places that for the first time, the Irish Republic has overtaken the Gross National Income of the United Kingdom. Ireland came in with $34,280, while the UK came in with $33,940.

While the British may not want NI or its people, there IS an alternative!

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