Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Mary Lou talking poo

Do you think Mary Lou McDonald is given scripted promos by the Sinn Féin hierarchy or do you think she comes up with the nonsense she spouts all by herself? I hope it's the former but I suspect it might actually be the latter.

The Irish Times' Olivia Kelleher reports that on Sunday, the Sinn Féin MEP spoke at a commemoration of the Kilmichael ambush, where one of the bloodiest battles of the War of Independence took place in which three volunteers died and 17 Auxiliaries lost their lives at the hands of Tom Barry's flying column.

Ms McDonald used the occasion to declare that Republicanism was 'more popular than at any period since the time of Tom Barry and his famous flying columns'. Hmm. Was Republicanism really all that popular back then? Originally the actions of the volunteers, later the IRA, were criticised by the Dáil and by the Irish people and it's often overlooked that in the elections in 1922 for the 3rd Dáil, about 40% of the Irish people voted for non-Sinn Féin parties.

No matter, here's where her really stupid comments come into play:

"In July of this year the IRA, undefeated and confident in the future, declared a formal end to the armed campaign...There is pace for everyone on the ground of Irish republcian politics and plenty more work to be done."

Undefeated army? What happened to "not a bullet, not an ounce"? If the IRA are undefeated, why are they relying on a British government to grant an amnesty to IRA terrorists - even if it means granting an amnesty to British State murderers? The IRA were defeated by the people of Ireland who demanded peace!

"Irish unity will come about much more speedily if we can build a broad-based coalition to end partition. Such a coalition needs to be built on the realisation that partition has failed - and failed miserably."

Dear oh dear. This is just utter horseshit. Someone give these guys a history book because the Southern parties tried an anti-partition campaign for many years in the 20th century and it FAILED MISERABLY. Why are Sinn Féin rehashing old ideas - WHICH DO NOT WORK? What will they propose next? Reinstating the old Articles 2 and 3?

Ms McDonald added that Irish unity was "too big a job" to be delivered and undertaken by one party. Well then why the hell is your party going on about it Mary Lou?

Irish unity IS too big a job, not just for one party, but for all parties. There are many factors that need to be considered for Irish unity to occur and many of these issues transcend party politics. I don't see Sinn Féin showing an eagerness to tackle these issues. The sectarian green card is the card to play in their eyes.

I'm afraid the Sinn Féin hierarchy need to write something more original for Mary Lou. Sadly we're being told the same old story. Zzzzz.


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