Saturday, November 19, 2005


Tsunami really WAS punishment - Mills

DUP councillor Maurice "I'm not too fond of homosexuals" Mills has stood by his controversial comments which alleged that God sent the tsunami to punish Asia for being godless and AIDS as retribution for homosexuality.

Ian Paisley is facing demands to expel Mr. Mills from the party after his comments provoked outrage.

Ian Paisley of course infamously ran the "Save Ulster from Sodomy" campaign in the 70s and 80s. (Gee, d'ya think he'll be upset at Mr Mills' remarks?)

Responding to the criticism he has faced for his comments, Maurice Mills maintained his position.

"Asia was hit by the tsunami because of the continent's people not being Christian".

"God had marked their cards" he added.

Trade Union officials holding a national anti-prejudice conference in Belfast however were stunned.

One said that talking as if God murdered people because of a gay event was "horrific" while another said Mr. Mills should be "drummed from office".

Visitors to United Irelander from Britain, America and further afield might be wondering why the DUP are the largest unionist party in the North. I'm afraid I can't answer that because I myself have no idea why this party full of bigots and nutcases has the backing of the majority of unionists!

All I know is, if the DUP fail to take action against this homophobe by expelling him then it must mean that they not only condone his words, but support them - and that is a very worrying thought indeed.


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