Friday, November 18, 2005


NI economy unsustainable - Hain

I have written in recent weeks about how a United Ireland offers the best economic situation for the people of Ireland's north and today this has been confirmed to me by none other than the NI Secretary of State, Peter Hain, who has declared that the NI economy was "not sustainable in the long term".

Mr Hain told the New York weekly newspaper the Irish Echo, that "the island of Ireland should in future be marketed as a single entity".

While I think Mr Hain's comments are correct, I'm astonished that he has come out and made them public!

The DUP aren't happy campers and DUP assembly member George Dawson laughably suggested that Mr Hain should resign!

Does the truth hurt, Mr Dawson?

These comments pose some very interesting questions for unionists everywhere. A senior British government official has come out and effectively declared that the North's future economic situation is "not sustainable" and has recommended an all-Ireland model.

Proof if any were needed that the British want rid of the white elephant that is 'Northern Ireland'.

The best possible future for the people of Ireland's north is to be part of a United Ireland - a state where their presence is welcomed rather than seen as a nuisance - and where they can enjoy a prosperous standard of living.

It was pointed out to me today on A Tangled Web of all places that for the first time, the Irish Republic has overtaken the Gross National Income of the United Kingdom. Ireland came in with $34,280, while the UK came in with $33,940.

While the British may not want NI or its people, there IS an alternative!


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