Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Shinner shame

More details are emerging on Sinn Féin's Faustian pact with the British government in order to secure an amnesty for their criminal Provo buddies - a deal which will prevent victims of British state collusion from attaining justice.

London-based British Irish Rights Watch has campaigned for inquiries into the 1989 murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane and other victims of alleged security force collusion with loyalist paramilitaries.

It claimed the Northern Ireland Offences Bill, which receives its second reading on Wednesday, would only suppress the truth further.

In an appeal to MPs to vote against the Bill, the organisation said: "This Bill, if enacted, will allow anyone who committed a crime prior to April 10 1998 to claim that his or her motive was terrorist to get out of jail free.

"While in some cases it will be possible to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a crime was not motivated by terrorism, once a criminal claims to have been a member of a proscribed organisation and, for example, to have killed someone because she or he feared that the fact of his or her membership of the organisation would be exposed, it will be virtually impossible to disprove such assertions.

"Sir Hugh Orde, chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, has recently established a Historic Enquiries Team to re-examine every conflict-related unsolved murder prior to April 10 1998.

"It will examine over 3,000 deaths and will cost £24.2m (€40m) over six years. On our reading of the Bill, every single person charged by the Historic Enquiries Team will never serve a day in jail.

"What concerns British Irish Rights Watch most is that agents of the state who colluded with terrorists will not be held to account because they will be able to claim that any crimes they committed were carried out in the efforts to combat terrorism."

Victims’ organisations, the nationalist SDLP, the cross community Alliance Party and unionist parties have been highly critical of the Northern Ireland Offences Bill, accusing the British government of handing out an amnesty to anyone who committed an offence before the Good Friday Agreement.

Visitors to United Irelander know that I feel strongly about the issue of British State collusion. There is an entire section on my sidebar devoted to the subject. I must confess that I'm finding it quite hard to express the sense of utter shame and sorrow I feel right now as a result of the actions of the Shinners on this particular issue. This issue, to be frank, leaves me sick to my stomach.

I have no idea if the leadership of Sinn Féin read United Irelander but I will use this medium to say the following to them directly.

For decades you conducted a war in the name of myself and in the name of all Irish people. A war that we didn't ask you to carry out for us. You blew up men, women and children of all races colours and creeds in a dirty vile episode of this island's long and dark history. As a result of this war, civilians from your community who you claimed to be fighting for were killed by Loyalists who were working for British State forces. You have claimed for years that you care about these victims of collusion and that you have been fighting for them all along.

You are LIARS.

You have pissed away any chance these people may have had to attain justice. You have pissed all over these murdered civilians in order to protect murderers who happen to be pals of yours. You have pissed all over true republicanism which does not believe in putting certain people on pedestals but rather treating all people as equals before the State.

You have pissed all over the Irish people for decades and you continue to do so.

Unfortunately for you, not everyone buys into your flag-waving, motion-proposing, backroom-deal making bullshit.

I don't. And most Irish people do not.

I can only hope that one day your supporters will wake up and realise that they've been had. That they will ask themselves what voting for a shower of liars and fascists like yourselves has actually gotten them and that they will realise all it has gotten them is a home called Northern Ireland which is far removed from the true republican ideals of the Republic of Ireland.

In times like these, the only thing United Irelanders can cling to is hope.

All changed, changed utterly:
A terrible injustice is born.


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