Thursday, November 24, 2005


So much for British justice...

The Guardian has reported how MPs last night backed controversial legislation allowing terror suspects on the run in the north of Ireland to escape full prosecution, despite fierce criticism from opposition parties. You can read the article in full here.

"The Democratic Unionist leader, Ian Paisley, said the bill was a "complete sellout of the British justice system" and would allow the slate to be "wiped clean" in many murder cases, possibly including unsolved murders currently under investigation by a special police review team.

"The SDLP leader, Mark Durkan, said that if police officers and soldiers accused of crimes or colluding with paramilitaries during the Troubles could benefit from the law, the truth about state-sanctioned murder in Northern Ireland would never be known. He asked why loyalist paramilitaries could benefit from the scheme when they had not yet decommissioned or declared an end to violence.

"Up to 150 paramilitaries accused of terrorist offences before 1998 could benefit from the legislation, as well as soldiers and police officers accused of crimes while combating terrorism during the 30-year Troubles."

These British MPs have acted against the wishes of the majority of decent people in Ireland.

Why do Unionists wish to remain linked to a country which doesn't give a damn about innocent Irish victims and who are instead more interested in protecting rogue British State forces as well as loyalist and republican thugs?

It's time we all disassociated ourselves from the British government and their best friends Sinn Féin so that we can instead set about making a proper republican United Ireland based on equality and justice rather than the sectarian green Sinn Féin version of republicanism which has no realistic hope of uniting Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter.

Miscarriages of justice such as this legislation will continue to occur unless we move away from the Shinners and the British government. They are both as bad as each other.


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