Monday, November 28, 2005


Donkeys stolen!

Stop everything!

BBC reports that four donkeys have been stolen from a shed in County Armagh!

The owners are said to be devastated by the loss of Nelly (pictured far left), Maggie (pictured on the right), Blaney and Tessa.

Nelly is said to be inseparable from her friend Blaney.

The animals were driven off in a trailer used by their owners for transporting them.

The police have urged anyone who is offered a donkey for sale that matches any of these descriptions to contact detectives at Tandragee.

I suppose I shouldn't mock this story it's just I'm surprised the BBC are reporting on it! Now I can understand UTV doing that (which they have, see here). Of course I hope the donkeys are returned and I guess it's a good thing that these kinds of incidents are in the news rather than stories about pipe bombs and beatings and so forth.

With all that being said though, where's the consistency here? I mean, donkeys often go missing here in Ireland. For example, this donkey.

He goes missing every time he comes to Lansdowne Road!


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