Wednesday, March 16, 2005


When Will Northern Nationalists Learn?

I am heartened by recent events in America as we approach St.Patrick's Day.It seems that finally, Irish America is starting to realise what the majority of Irish people have known for some time - that there is nothing romantic about the IRA.The truth about Sinn Fein/IRA has been revealed.The world has seen that they are nothing but criminals masquerading as freedom fighters.They claim to oppose British influence on Ireland yet they are forging ties with criminal gangs in the UK, they claim to support the peace process yet they are terrorising their own community with punishment beatings and murder.Also, they claim to support a united Ireland yet they are polarising the North through their unacceptable actions.

Northern nationalists need to ask themselves what it is they actually want.Do they truly want a united Ireland?If so, why are they supporting a party that the unionist community hates with all its might?Why are they supporting a party that is making enemies south of the border?Sinn Fein will NEVER reunite Ireland.EVER.I believe Irish unity could and indeed should happen but these balaclava-wearing bigots will not be the ones to deliver it.Sinn Fein's tactics are keeping that border firmly in place.The continued existence of the IRA is a bigger threat to the prospect of Irish unity than all the British troops on this island put together.

Sinn Fein clearly do not want an Ireland of equals and they clearly cannot deliver on what they promise to nationalists.I wish nationalists would put themselves in unionist's shoes and ask themselves if they would vote for a united Ireland with Sinn Fein as the voice of nationalism.One cannot blame unionists for wanting nothing to do with Irish unity with Sinn Fein/IRA calling the shots (no pun intended).

The simple fact is, Sinn Fein are a partitionist party.And nationalists who support this party are idiots.


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