Monday, March 14, 2005


Army Council Member Speaks Out

Typical!Martin Ferris, mild mannered Sinn Fein TD by day,IRA Army Council member by night, has welcomed the statement from the killers of Det Garda Jerry McCabe in which they apologised for his death.Mr Ferris spoke to the men in jail yesterday.Let's analyse his comments:

"This was a difficult decision for the men and their families, particularly as the government had twice agreed to their release."

Difficult?Apologising for the disgraceful killing of a protector of the people was difficult?

"They didn't want to be seen as blocking any type of progress that had been made on the peace process so that was the reason they took themselves off the agenda effectively."

Uh, actually the Taoiseach took the issue off the agenda.

"I believe their apology to the McCabe and O'Sullivan families is genuine, as is their desire not to be used as a blockage to on-going efforts to rebuild the peace process."

So an apology made in 2005 over a crime that occurred in 1996 is "genuine"?Yet another example of Sinn Fein insulting the intelligence of the Irish people.

When are Sinn Fein going to stop defending and supporting criminality?


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