Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Next Census Should be Interesting!

I see almost half a million unsafe condoms bearing the Durex brand name may have been sold in shops around the country.

The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) yesterday warned that the condoms, sold in packs of 12, may not prevent pregnacy or sexually transmitted diseases.The IMB began an investigation into the counterfeit condoms just over a week ago, after Durex received complaints from consumers.

The IMB discovered two batches of the dud contraceptives after recalling the product from some pharmacies and customs officers seized more of the stock from a distributor.
The condoms came from China and it's believed the first consignment was imported in May of last year.

"The condoms were illegally imported into Ireland and do not meet the stringent European standard for condoms," said an IMB spokesman.

Yet another health scandal to hit these shores!Are we going to see a rise in unplanned pregnancies and STDs?


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