Wednesday, March 16, 2005


British and Irish...Without the Irish

So I see the results of the Bloggies are in.You can view the winners here.What I'm interested in is the award for "Best British or Irish Weblog".Below is the winner and the other contenders:

Winner: (British)

Other contenders:

GreenFairyDotCom (British)
Londonist (British)
HicksDesign (British)
London Underground Tube Blog (British)

Notice anything unusual?That's right, there's no Irish blog!There should have been at least two Irish blogs in the list of five, one wouldnt' be great but to have none is a joke!

I also take issue with the award for "Best tagline of a weblog".The winner went to Dooce for the tagline: "Not your average clenched-cheek sprint to the bathroom".
I think it should've went to Twenty Major for his tagline: "It's better than cabbage".

That would've been far better.What's more, that blog is Irish!


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