Monday, March 14, 2005


Monday Madness-Pro-Union Scots

The Scots are a funny lot.A race of people with a history of hating the English just as much as the Irish, if not more so and yet, the sad reality is, the Scottish people are firmly pro-British with no real desire for independence.I see the SNP held their spring conference at the weekend.(hat-tip to The Green Ribbon)
I must say I feel sorry for the SNP.They have a noble objective but the majority of Scots just dont want to know.

I think it's fair to say the Scots have betrayed their ancestors.In the past, the Scots fought very hard to establish themselves and to earn their freedom.We all know about figures like William Wallace and Robert the Bruce yet unfortunately for Scotland, the destiny of the Scottish nation was left in the hands of Scots who were willing to sell-out to the English.Even in Irish history there have been people willing to sell-out on their compatriots but not on a par with the sell-outs in Scotland.

Ireland had 1916.Ireland had a Scot of Irish descent called James Connelly to help reawaken the desire for freedom.Unfortunately, Scotland has been left paralysed by past betrayals.I can only hope that the Scottish will eventually see sense and demand independence from British rule.Scotland does not deserve to be in the shadow of Britain.Those Scots who support Scotland's position in the Union should realise that this is contrary to the wishes of Scotland's great heroes!That is a real shame!

When will Scottish people stand up for themselves?


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