Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Review Irish Language Teaching - Commissioner

The Irish Language Commissioner, Sean O'Cuirreain, has reportedly called for a review of how Irish is taught in primary and secondary schools.Reports this morning said Mr O'Cuirreain had advised that such a review was essential if the State was truly committed to promoting the Irish language.The advice is contained in Mr O'Cuirreain's first annual report as Irish Language Commissioner.

This morning's reports said the document highlighted the fact that many pupils haven't even attained basic fluency in Irish despite being taught the language for 13 years.

I think the Commissioner is right to be concerned.The way Irish is taught in primary and secondary schools is a disgrace.In primary, the emphasis should be put on developing the oral ability of students with Irish.Instead, children are taught droning chants which serve no useful purpose.In secondary, students learn more in the weeks leading up to their oral exam than in their previous five years.The goal should be to give children a love of their native language.What actually happens unfortunately, is children find other languages like French to be more enjoyable and Irish is looked on as being tiresome and a hassle.

We need to stop shoving Irish down children's throats as they will spit it out.If it is given in small doses, it will be more fulfilling.


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