Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Three Month Anniversary!

It was on December 15th, 2004, that I made my very first post on United Irelander.Now, three months later, United Irelander is still around!I must admit that a part of me is quite surprised about that fact.I started this blog because I was inspired by Slugger O'Toole and A Tangled Web and I felt it was time that I got a vehicle for my thoughts.I feel United Irelander has done its job in that sense as I have been able to put forward my views on a wide range of topics.I think the key component of a blog though is the people who visit and I would like to thank those who have taken the time to visit here over the last three months.

Alot has happened here over the past few months.I've discussed issues ranging from a united Ireland to a united Europe, I've rated the top ten things about Dublin as well as the top ten Taoisigh, I've attempted to make you laugh on Fridays and to make you furious on Mondays.I've also overseen the change in colour of the blog from an ordinary orange to a grandiose green!

In one of my posts on December 15th entitled "What You Can Expect", I wrote that I hoped United Irelander would prove a "thought provoking visit, occasionally head-wrecking but above all entertaining".I hope this is what you have found here.

All the best.


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