Sunday, March 13, 2005


Killers of McCabe Issue Statement

The men convicted of the murder of garda Jerry McCabe have issued a statement expressing regret at the death of Mr McCabe and the wounding of garda Ben O'Sullivan.

In a statement released to RTE news they say: 'we deeply regret and apologise for this and the hurt and grief we have caused to their families.There was never any intent to attack any members of the Garda Siochana'.

The four men also say they are 'qualifying IRA prisoners under the Good Friday Agreement' adding, 'this has been confirmed by the High Court and the Supreme Court'.

Kevin Walsh, Pearse McAuley, Jeremiah Sheehy and Michael O'Neill say they do not want their release to be part of any further negotiations with the Irish government.They claim the Irish government is presenting their release as an obstacle to negotiations and an agreement.

Speaking to RTE News, Jerry McCabe's widow, Anne said the killers of Garda McCabe were never qualifying prisoners under the Good Friday Agreement.She also questioned the timing of the statement.

Anne McCabe is quite right to question the timing of this statement.For one thing, it is years too late!If the individuals who murdered a protector of the Irish people regret their actions and are deeply sorry over what happened, then they should shut up about being 'qualifying IRA prisoners' and instead serve their time for their heinous actions.


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