Friday, June 20, 2008


'Irish are bloody fools' - Sarkozy

It just gets more unbelievable by the day. Now the EU have resorted to insulting us.

'Bloody fools' is what Nicolas Sarkozy is reported to have told his aides according to le Canard Enchaîné weekly, say The Times.

Following the result, Sarkozy fumed about the Irish:

"They are bloody fools. They have been stuffing their faces at Europe's expense for years and now they dump us in the shit."

The Times goes on to say:

"He then ordered his government to play down the 'no', proceed with their plans and find ways to save the treaty. "We have to manage the Irish 'no' with calm, with sang-froid and neither dramatise nor minimise it," he said last weekend.

"The French "hyper-president" is determined to make the Irish vote a second time on the treaty, if possible even before European Parliament elections next June.

"Mr Sarkozy, who was one of the brokers of the "mini-treaty" last June, has ruled out any rewriting of the text, which he hopes will be ratified by all 26 other states. He is asking Brian Cowen, the Prime Minister, to outline the guarantees Ireland would need to approve the treaty."

I'd like anybody who voted Yes in the referendum to justify this kind of behaviour because, to be honest, I'm amazed that my country can be faced with such bullying in this day and age. If Brian Cowen had any balls he'd tell these guys where to stick their Treaty.

The Times adds that the EU are using the British ratification of the Treaty, which was made official on Thursday morning, as justification for pushing ahead with the Lisbon Treaty. Here's what Barroso the clown, European Commission president had to say:

"I would like to thank the Government and Parliament for the constant support for the new Treaty during the negotiation and ratification process.

"The Treaty of Lisbon has now been approved by nineteen member states. I believe it is important that all member states express their position on the Treaty of Lisbon and I call on all of those that have not ratified the Treaty to continue the ratification process."

And here's our potty friend Hans-Gert Pottering, president of the European Parliament, adding his two cents:

"This shows that the Lisbon Treaty is very much alive."

This was echoed by Janez Jansa, the Slovenian Prime Minister who is chairing the summit, who said that British ratification...

"proves that it is still a living document."

So not only do the EU ignore our democratic wishes, they proceed to view us as 'fools' who 'stuff our faces' and they feel that they can push ahead with their plans by backing us into a corner.

Any attempt to foist a repeat referendum upon us must surely now be opposed by Irish people as a matter of principle. They are an utterly monstrous bunch.


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