Wednesday, June 18, 2008


EU must be Potty...

The Lisbon Treaty rejection from last week was today debated in the European parliament in Brussels and I note that the president of the parliament, Hans-Gert Pöttering, wasted no time at all ignoring the result of the Irish vote and insisting that ratification MUST continue.
There is an opinion piece here from the potty Pöttering outlining his position on the Treaty and it is sorry stuff indeed. I figured I'd look at the president's comments in detail. He writes:

"On June 12, 2008 the citizens of Ireland voted "no" to the Lisbon Treaty. A detailed analysis will be needed of how this result came about and what caused the Irish, who have benefited from the European Union more than almost any other country, to vote this way."

Well Hans I suggest you speak to those from the No side then to find out the main concerns. Will you do this? I doubt it.

"At first glance it seems that the "no" vote resulted for contradictory reasons: Some business people favored a "no" because they felt their economic freedoms were under threat; others, such as some trade unionists, feared that the treaty didn't pay enough attention to the social system. Yet others even believed that abortion would be made easier by the treaty or that the Irish tax system would be put in question."

Nothing to say about the sovereignty issue, then? I reckon that played a considerable part for most people as you well know.

"As French General Charles de Gaulle once said, in a referendum answers are given to questions that were not asked. I would not go as far as that, but there is a kernel of truth in that statement. What really motivated the Irish people, why they did not believe the European Union was going into the future on the right path with this treaty, remains to be analyzed in detail."

Ah I see. So the answer we gave had nothing to do with the question asked. It all makes perfect sense now. Maybe we voted No because we didn't like the font used on the paper? Could that be it, Hans?

"The Lisbon Reform Treaty is a huge step forward and we should not give it up."

Even though French, Dutch and now Irish voters have expressed in the past three years an opposition to the ideas? The Treaty required unanimous support and you don't have that. Why on earth should you not give up? Are you democrats or not?

"Compared to the existing Treaty of Nice, the reform treaty offers many advantages that one cannot deny: Lisbon grants the EU more democracy, greater ability to act and greater transparency."

Yeah it's a lot better than Nice. Wait, wasn't that another Treaty we in Ireland rejected and then had foisted on us a second time because we were told it was so great? As for granting "more democracy", the EU's behaviour in recent days would suggest otherwise!

Thumbs up for fascism

"Lisbon allows citizens of the European Union a power of initiative in relation to the European Institutions what will make democracy on the EU level more vital. More Europe will not mean less space for decision-making on the local level."

A power of initiative? When you are effectively ignoring my vote now? Do you think they generally believe this crap or are they just taking the mickey?

"On the contrary: The Treaty of Lisbon guarantees local self-government."

Why do we need a Treaty for that?

"The Lisbon Treaty is the answer to justified criticisms that citizens have made of the European Union's shortcomings."

I would say the reaction to the Lisbon Treaty rejection answers justified criticisms that citizens have made of the EU's shortcomings.

"This treaty brings the European Union closer to its citizens."

Hardly, when you refuse to take on board the wishes of citizens!

"We must make it perfectly clear that the adoption of the reform treaty is an absolute necessity to enable the European Union to defend its values and interests in the 21st century."

In other words, it's an absolute necessity in order to make the European Union a world superpower. I have no interest in my country being a part of one. My country WAS part of a superpower, the biggest superpower on the planet at the time, and worked very hard to get out of that situation. I have no interest in going down that road again. I haven't got an inferiority complex.

"We call upon the EU summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels to take all appropriate steps to make the reform treaty a reality."

All appropriate steps? Unbelievable how they can stick two fingers up at democracy like this, isn't it? I absolutely detest these lowlifes.

"So what comes next? First, the ratification process must continue without reservation, since 18 countries have already approved the treaty. Ratification by other countries of the European Union is just as valid and must be respected just as much as the vote in Ireland."

Yeah the ratification in the other countries is just as valid - EVEN THOUGH NONE OF THOSE COUNTRIES PUT THE PROPOSALS TO THEIR PEOPLE

The British will later on ratify the Lisbon Treaty despite opinion polls showing that most British people want a referendum, and would reject it if given the opportunity. How then can anyone view this process as 'valid'?

"We expect that at the EU summit in Brussels on June 19-20, the Irish government will give an initial assessment of the outcome of the vote in Ireland and put forward proposals as to how we can jointly progress beyond this difficult phase in European politics. The Irish government must have the first say in this matter. Not just because this is the custom but out of respect for the Irish vote. Therefore any speculation or conjecture as to possible solutions ahead of the summit would be inappropriate."

Yes possible solutions are inappropriate, but insisting that ratification must continue is apparently very appropriate. If the Irish government is genuinely committed to democracy they should inform the EU that the Treaty is dead in the water. What would the founding fathers of this state do I wonder? They wouldn't go to Brussels with their tales between their legs that's for damn sure. They had backbone though.

"The European Parliament will devote all its energies and display maximum commitment to overcoming these challenges. We expect the same of the European Commission and of the governments of all European Union member states."

So you expect the Irish government to display 'maximum commitment' towards 'overcoming these challenges'. So then, reading between the lines, you want to ignore democracy to get the result you want. Pathetic.

"We equally expect the European Parliament to be fully involved in the process. It remains our goal to see the Lisbon Treaty enter into force before the June 2009 elections to the European Parliament."

Yes, even though you knew that a rejection meant the end of the Treaty. Disgraceful.

It's abundantly clear to see that the European Union are changing their own rules in order to get their way. Their 'commitment' to democracy and their claim about respecting the Irish vote ring very hollow indeed when you read the comments from the likes of Mr Pöttering.

Without a doubt they are intent on putting another referendum to the Irish people and only by staying vigilant, and standing up for the last vestiges of our democracy, can we prevent the EU from trampling all over us and spitting on our rights.

Make no mistake about it these guys are the real enemy of the 21st century and only by acknowledging this reality, and standing up to their bullying and scaremongering, can we protect the sovereignty of the Irish people before it's too late.


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