Thursday, March 17, 2005


Survey-What Kind of Irish Person Are You?

Since today is a celebration of all things Irish, I thought I'd come up with this little survey which will determine the kind of Irish person you are.Ready?Here goes:

Q1:What will you do on St.Patrick's Day?

(a) Keep it simple.Go to the parade or pub.
(b)Listen to Irish music throughout the day, see the parade and head to pub.
(c) I'll start a fight with a west-Brit.
(d)I'll ask everyone what the fuss is all about.

Q2:What will you drink on St.Patrick's Day?

(b)Shamrock Shakes.
(c)My own blood from all the fighting I'll do.
(d)I'll drink nothing

Q3:What will you wear on St.Patrick's Day?

(a)Dunno.A shamrock, maybe a scarf.
(b)All green.Even my underwear.
(c)Celtic top,Celtic hat, tricolour...
(d)I'll wear what I usually wear.

Q4:What do you think of the parade?

(a)It's OK.Not bad.
(b)It's essential to showcase our culture.
(c)Prepares me for the heavy drinking later.
(d)I think it's crap and embarrassing.

Q5:Why is St.Patrick's Day important to you?

(a)It's our chance to celebrate our country
(b)It's our chance to show we're the best
(c)It's a chance to drink alot.
(d)Well, we get a day off.

OK, now to see what kind of Irish person you are:

Mostly (a) - You're a true Irish person.Like Roy Keane or those ladies from The Corrs.
Mostly (b) - You're a true Oirish person.You try too hard.Like Keith Duffy.You're embarrassing Ireland!You should've signed up for the new series of Big Brother.
Mostly (c) - You're dangerously Irish.Are you a Provo?I bet you've considered being one at some point.Either that or you're a clueless Irish American.Wise up.
Mostly (d) - You're about as Irish as Tony Cascarino.Who are you kidding?If you really were born in Ireland you have alot of learning to do!Start today!


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