Thursday, March 17, 2005


Read Between The lines

I watched the Insight programme on UTV on Wednesday night where there was a debate with members of the four main parties in Ireland's north.Representing the IRA (oops, I mean Sinn Fein) was Conor Murphy.When asked by the presenter what his position was on the idea that the IRA should go away, he said:

"Yes, they should go away.I think all armed groups on the island should go away."

Sounds great, doesn't it?Except...well, you have to look at such statements from the warped mindset of the Shinners.In other words, you must read between the lines.See when Sinn Fein refers to "all armed groups" they also refer to the British army.So from Conor and his colleague's perspective, the IRA should go away...but not until the British army goes away.

It's all a matter of reading between the lines.


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