Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Bush 'Looking Forward' to Meeting McCartneys

US President George W Bush has said he is looking forward to meeting the five sisters and partner of murdered Belfast man Robert McCartney.They have already had talks with Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy in their quest for justice.The women believe the IRA is shielding Mr McCartney's killers.

"I am looking forward to meeting these very brave souls who have committed themselves to a peaceful solution, and hopefully their loved one will not have died in vain," Mr Bush said.

I am no fan of George W Bush.The truth is, I wanted the other guy to win the recent US election.What was his name?Jim something?Anyway, though I have alot of issues with some of Bush's policies I am well aware that he takes a no-nonsense approach towards terrorism.
I hope he takes this attitude towards Sinn Fein/IRA tomorrow.If Bush wants to show that he respects Ireland and the Irish people, there's no better way to do it than to lay into the Sinn Fein criminals.Don't disappoint us, Mr Bush.


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