Sunday, March 13, 2005


Sunday Scrutiny-Sean McEntee

I have been reading up on Sean McEntee lately.This little-known figure was a TD in Belfast around the time of the Anglo-Irish Treaty and Mr McEntee fiercely opposed the Treaty arguing against the partition of his country and the proposed Boundary Commission.

McEntee felt the treaty was "a means not to bring the six counties into Ireland, but to enable them to remain out of Ireland."

He believed the Brits would find it profitable to subsidize the North not to join the rest of Ireland stating:

"Mark my words, under the Treaty, Ulster will become England's fortress in Ireland - a fortress as impregnable as Gibraltar, a fortress that shall dominate and control Ireland as Gibraltar controls the Mediterranean."

This little-known figure in Irish history had the wisdom to know what the Treaty would mean for Ireland and its people.History has proven his words to be true.The Treaty should never have been signed.


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